DrWard's SCP and Tale Draft(s)

Warning: XK-Class End of the world Scenario In Progress

For Immediate Global Broadcast: All Foundation Personnel, an XK-Class End-of-the-World Scenario is underway, all employees, regardless of security clearance, rank, or class are to immediately report to the nearest armoury. All MTF units have been scrambled, D-Class conscription is mandatory, C-Class conscription is mandatory, B-Class conscription is mandatory, A-Class conscription is mandatory, O5 conscription is mandatory.

Global Status:
Current global casualties estimated at 21%

Chance of Human Extinction Event: 80%

Chance of Earth Destruction Event: 25%

Chance of ZK-Class End-of-Reality Scenario: UNKNOWN

GOI Co-Operation:

Alexylva University: Confirmed
Anderson Robotics: Confirmed
Are We Cool Yet?: Confirmed
The Black Queen: Pending
The Chaos Insurgency: Confirmed
The Chicago Spirit: Pending
The Church of the Broken God: Denied
Doctor Wondertainment: Confirmed
The Factory: Pending
The Fifth Church: Pending
Gamers Against Weed: Confirmed
The Global Occult Coalition (GOC): Confirmed
GRU Division "P": Pending
Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting: Pending
The Horizon Initiative: Confirmed
Manna Charitable Foundation: Confirmed
Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd.: Confirmed
"Nobody": Pending
Office For The Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts (ORIA): Confirmed
Oneiroi Collective: Confirmed
Prometheus Labs, Inc.: Confirmed
Sarkic Cults: Denied
The Serpent's Hand: Confirmed
Unusual Incidents Unit (UIU), Federal Bureau of Investigation: Confirmed
Wilson's Wildlife Solutions: Confirmed

Foundation Status:
A-Class Personnel: 40% (KIA)
B-Class Personnel: 50% (KIA)
C-Class Personnel: 80% (40% KIB, 40% KIA)
D-Class Personnel: 90% (70% KIB, 20% KIA)
E-Class Personnel: 100% (KIB)

O5-1: KIB
O5-2: KIA
O5-3: MIA
O5-4: Alive
O5-5: Alive
O5-6: KIB
O5-7: KIA
O5-8: MIA
O5-9: MIA
O5-10: Alive
O5-11: KIA
O5-12: Alive
O5-13: KIA

All Surviving Foundation Personnel are to assist in Re-containment or Termination of all escaped SCPs: Co-Operation will all GoI's regardless of relations is enforced.

Whoever else is out there, good luck… I hear them outside. They'll find me soon. London is lost to SCP-008, Paris has been destroyed, and all of Europe burns. If you're still alive out there, make these bastards pay. If you are still out there… Good luck. You're going to need it.