Theta-17, "fear no evil"


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Theta-17 or Crimson Eyes is a combative MTF (Mobile task force) that specialises in protecting or escorting other MTF in capturing keter or in hostile areas. the name Crimson Eyes comes from there ability to contain some of the most dangerous SCP's.

the uniform colours:


unlike any other MTF, Theta-17 are powered by a super drug which alters physical and metal state (this can be bad sometimes). this super drug comes from ███████ which takes about 2 years to process and remove all toxins. some of the effects of the super drug include death of pigment in eyes skin and hair, increased muscular strength, heighten senses and adrenaline replaces pain.
the negatives of the super drug suicidal thoughts, blood loss (due to not knowing injured), aggressive,hallucinations, night terrors and on rare occasions PTSD.

some of their behaviour can be seen after a mission when they returned to site-██ and ████,████,██████ was told his MTF was not helpful in the re-containing of SCP-682 and only made the situation worse because the field chief and SCP-682 have had past encounters only making SCP-682 more aggravated then it already was. ████,████,██████ then strangled the doctor then continued to walk to SCP-682 containment sell, then he threw the doctor in.

the members of Theta-17:

████,████,██████- field chief (AKA Yetti).

█████,█████- close combat specialist (AKA Ripper).

█████,████- heavy weapons specialist (AKA Bolt).

████,███,████,██████- Sgt

█████,█████- pvt

███████,████- stealth specialist (AKA Loud).

████,████- pvt (AKA Vampire).

███,████- pvt

█████,████- pvt

Assisting In Containment of Objects:


Action Reports:

MJS massacre
chaos insurgency raid- no 1920348
██ █████ ██████