Researcher Enting's Drafts


Name: A████ L█████
Foundation Alias: Dr. Richard Enting
Security Clearance Level: 3 2
Current Assignment: Priority One Junior Researcher

Richard Enting discovered the SCP Foundation when a Foundation mole referred him to us upon Enting's discovery of SCP-███. Since joining the research team, Enting has yet to submit an admissible SCP report, but has confidence he will “Come up with something good at some point or another”.
Currently, he is involved in experimentation on SCP-038 (The Everything Tree), and has finally succeeded in causing SCP-038 to produce pencils from its branches, thereby neutralizing the recent pencil shortage at his site. After 24 hours of being picked from SCP-038, the pencils, when used by personnel, fused to the skin of anyone who was currently using it, draining the user’s body of minerals and converting them into synthetic graphite, eventually resulting in dangerous vitamin deficiencies in personnel, weak bone structure, and eventually [DATA EXPUNGED], followed by death. The pencils have since been classified as SCP-████, and Dr. Enting has received a reprimanding and demotion to Junior status.

Interview of Dr. Richard Enting for joining the SCP Foundation

Below is a transcript of the interview that took place on █/█/20██, at 11:45 AM, PST. Agent █████ was instructed to inform Enting of the Foundation’s directive and attempt to convince him to join the Foundation as a researcher. If Enting refused, Agent █████ was given clearance to administer Class-A amnestics to erase any memory of the SCP Foundation.

<begin transcript>
Agent █████: Good afternoon, Dr. ██████.

Dr. Enting: You’re my 11:45? Please, call me █████.

Agent █████: Sure, █████.

Dr. Enting: …Actually, scratch that. Dr. ██████ is fine.
Agent █████:: Sure, Doctor. Now, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Dr. Enting: Yes, of course. [papers shuffling.]
Agent █████: I came to tell you about the foundation I work for.

Dr. Enting: Foundation?

Agent █████: Yes, the SCP Foundation. We specialize in the acquisition and >containment of anomalous objects and entities.

Dr. Enting: SCP… What does that stand for?
Agent █████: That’s classified, but our unofficial motto is “Secure, Contain, >Protect.”

Dr. Enting: So, you put Bigfoots and aliens in a cage?
Agent █████: SCP-1000 is the proper term, and both of those entities are >currently impossible to contain.

Dr. Enting: …That was a joke.
Agent █████: I understand that, Doctor.

Agent █████: We read your paper. Quite a fascinating plant you have there.

Dr. Enting: Is it one of your “anomalous objects or entities?”
Agent █████: Precisely. You’ve discovered an SCP, Dr. ██████.

Dr. Enting: So, you’re going to confiscate it and erase my memory with a >flashing pen or something?
Agent █████: It will be taken into containment, yes.
Dr. Enting: Fantastic. My first scientific breakthrough, confiscated by the Men >in Black.
Agent █████: Not so fast, Doctor. The Foundation is interested in your assets. >After all, you are the one who discovered this, and managed to keep it discrete.

Dr. Enting: Yeah, well it's been one hell of a week. My perception of reality has >been a little shaky lately.
Agent █████: I understand, Doctor. We’d like to offer you a job. Your first >assignment would be writing up a report on that plant.

Dr. Enting: Why should I trust you?
Agent █████: You’d like proof?

Dr. Enting: Very much so.
Agent █████: Very well. I did expect you to be somewhat perturbed about >this, so I pulled some strings and was allowed to bring something with me.

[Agent █████ produces from his briefcase a small sketchbook and opens the cover, >revealing a pencil sketch of a woman. Upon closer examination, Enting sees that the woman is >animate, and able to move within the confines of the paper.

Dr. Enting: Well… Hello there.

Agent █████: This is SCP-085. You may call her Cassie. [SCP-085 waves >silently, and Agent █████ closes the sketchbook, putting it back in the briefcase.]

Dr. Enting: God damn. You people really know where Bigfoot is?
Agent █████: SCP-1000, and yes. You should read the files once you get the >proper security clearance.

Dr. Enting: You’re talking as if I've already accepted your offer.
Agent █████: Do you accept our offer?

Dr. Enting: Yes.

<end transcript>