Object Class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-XXXX is to be on watch at all times with guards on standby, a electric fence needs to surround SCP-XXXX civilians need to stopped and redirected. The entire area needs to be shutdown. No personnel is allowed to enter without a Level 4 or higher keycard, keycard must be shown to guards before entry of SCP-XXXX. No one is to touch SCP-XXXX if anyone is caught entering SCP-XXXX need's to be detained immediately. Anyone who touches SCP-XXXX will be rushed to the hospital as soon as possible. Testing with SCP-XXXX is to be permitted by Dr Conner with a level 4 keycard. People guarding SCP-XXXX need to switch turns keeping an eye out on SCP-XXXX. If anyone stops watching SCP-XXXX he/she will be fired.

WARNING: Due recent events guards entering and being killed level 5 access is required to enter if you enter and disturb SCP-XXXX you will be demoted. and possible terminated depended on the severeness Containment Chamber. Testing will happen every week at 8:00 AM and personnel need to be on time to look at SCP-XXXX.

Description SCP-XXXX is a rusted car spotted at /North America/1978/11:56 pm/ the car is a black Mercedes inside a ditch in a cliff near a road. Civilians have spotted the car and have called authorities and on the car was a dead body he is identified as /Gabe/Rochelle/ he is an only child and his mother passed away a couple years ago before his death. The car is extremely rusted and can barely see it's color The body was taken to the nearest hospital but the man died the man was taken to a morgue but the next day he was gone. people at night hiking in the area have been reported to go missing and body's have never been recovered. No one is allowed to walk in that area at night. People near the area have reported at exactly /11:56 pm/ a scream and a loud smash are heard. MTF guards have interviewed the people in the area but that's all they know.

  • Test:1
  • Class D:Robbert
  • Guard:Alright gates open get in there.
  • Guard: Go close to SCP-XXXX and touch it.
  • Robert:Ok….
  • "Robert:touches the rusted car".
  • Robert:"Slowly starts to decay"
  • Robert:"Falls to the ground a bunch of guts and organs"
  • Guard:Get someone to clean that up.
  • Test Ended.

<[End Log]>

Closing Statement. After Robert, Class D died we dont know how dangerous this thing is, Robert didn't make it and Scientists still wonder how strong this car is the car maybe haunted by the driver.
Scientists are still researching the ability of SCP-XXXX