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SCP-3433, as advertised in the antique shop it was found in

Item #: 3433

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3433 is to be kept in a standard containment chamber on Site ██. No personnel below Level 3 clearance are permitted to enter containment unless authorized. Interaction with SCP-3433 is not permitted under any circumstance, due to the possibility of a worldwide infection. Any personnel exhibiting exact symptoms of SCP-3433 are to be reviewed and given Class A amnestics if proven infected. See Interview 3433-1

Description: SCP-3433 is a wooden podium, dimensions of 1x2x1(m), with a small, black microphone and a rectangle engraved into the wood. Staff have observed a rapidly increased heart rate, severe sweating and enlarged pupils in subjects exposed to SCP-3433. SCP-3433 was found when it’s anomalous properties were identified by an antique shop owner in [REDACTED] and the effects noted. He was given amnestics after refusing to give up SCP-3433. SCP-3433 proved difficult to transport to Site ██ due to its anomalous nature, however, it was eventually secured safely without interaction.

Testing was performed on Site ██, logged in Audio Log 3433-1.

Addendum 3433.1:

Audio Log from Test 3433-1

Test supervised by Dr ███ on Site ██
D4a12f is equipped with basic vital recording hardware

<Begin Log>

D4a12f: So I just touch it? That's it?
Dr ███: Yes, it’s as simple as that.
[vital signs are normal]
D4a12f: Ok, is something supposed to happ-
[D4a12f stops mid sentence. Heart rate is drastically increased]
Dr ███: D4a12f, can you hear me?
[no response from D4a12f]
[D4a12f collapses, sweating severely]
Dr ███: Somebody get him out of there.
[Two Foundation personnel enter and retrieve D4a12f]
Dr ███: This test is over.

<End Log>

Note: D4a12f appeared fully recovered in █ hours