"Echo" Personnel File

Name: █████ "Echo" █████

Security Clearance: Level 5

Specializations: Scp Research, Keter Research, Security Data "Maintenance", Deals with unauthorized personnel going into the foundation's Data

Site of Operations: Most commonly seen in Site 19, but travels when needed.


Profile: Dr. █████ is a high level researcher, currently employed by the foundation since her his graduation of college. Although Dr. "Echo" is still young, he has great potential of all sciences, weapons, and combat, he is fiercely protective of his past, co-workers, foundation, as well as ones he considers as friends.
After being [DATA EXPUNGED], Dr. "Echo" had slowly had gone insane, Humorously yet destructively, being also nicknamed "The Mad Hatter" and had asked the training officers to train his in more combat skills.

History: Dr. █████ was found in a Dojo being tested in all areas of martial arts the day after his graduation by Foundation Agents. In a request by 05-█, he had accepted into working for the Foundation.


Addendum With barely any knowledge of her his past, questionably shown combat skills and other unknown abilities so far, Dr. █████ has proven himself not only a valuable asset to the Foundation, but also on the field in any breach or outside of site grounds in general. Though, her his skills in locating any "bugs" in the data main frame are very questionable as well, his work is very…. detailed.

Additional Notes
"If you want destruction and murder, ask Echo. She He knows the best way to do it." - Unknown

"D██ right I do." -Dr. Echo

"All you need Destruction is not in our protocol, you should know this." - Unknown

Interviewed: Dr. Echo interview

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: moments after [Redacted]

<Begin Log, 3:45 p.m.>

Interviewer: Dr. Echo, if I may are you willing to share any information of your experience from your [Redacted]?

Dr. Echo: nods head slowly Some information. I don't want to go into any details. I don't want to bring up any memories from it. is seen putting his head down in his arms on the table, only showing his eyes

Interviewer: Tell us as much as you can.

Dr. Echo: I was out on an assignment to hunt down someone, the usual that I do. Find the guy, make him alone out from public eye, and kill him and any evidence from the scene. sighs But once I pulled the trigger on him, something didn't feel right. I got out of the area and saw that it was deserted.There was not a single person on the streets as well as any cars. I started walking down the street. Then everything went out. Damn bastards had knocked me out and tied me to a metal chair in a room. Once I woke up, I was greeted by no one else but the [Redacted]. They tortured me endlessly for days. starts to shake It was only a day or so before you guys found me when I snapped.
Interviewer: We can continue this on another time, Dr.

Dr. Echo: Y-yes, that will be fine. buries head in arms

<End Log, 4:03 P.M>

Closing Statement: It was clear that Dr. Echo's mind has been through lengths, leaving only a fractured mind. I'm surprised that it is some how intact just to talk about the event. Requesting psychological evaluation for the time being until recovered.