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Item #: SCP-2420

Object Class: Safe

Containment Procedures: SCP - 2420 is to be kept locked in a safe any time it is not being tested upon. The safe should needs to be no bigger than one cubic meter, and the passcode will only be known by the director. As of the breach on August [redacted], there will no longer be a passcode for the safe. A new safe has been procured which requires four separate passwords, each of which is to be held by a separate director, and no password holder is to know the identity of the others. Each director will be brought into the safe room through their own separate door, one at a time. After entering their password, they will be then be escorted out and the next director will be brought in through his/her own door. Finally, Dr. Klein will be brought in through a fifth door to remove the SCP from the vault. Gloves will be made available to Dr. Klein prior to his entry of the vault. ONLY ONCE ALL DIRECTORS HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED TO HAVE VACATED THE AREA IS Dr. Klein TO ENTER. Secrecy of the key-holders identities is essential to keep all personnel safe from the effects of SCP-2420. (See memorandum 2420-1)

There is no need for a physical guard to be present except during the opening of the safe. The room shall be remotely monitored through four cameras found in the each of the upper corners of the safe room. The feed shall be displayed on four monitors in a security room. Only one security personnel is needed to observe at any given time. There shall be five security personnel assigned to this task at all times, and each member shall be given an order to watch during the opening of the safe. Once again, this is so that the identity of the key holders will remain secret.

When opening the safe, all actions are to be coordinated with a separate radio controller, who will confirm that each group has successfully vacated the premises before the next group enters. Ensuring successful coordination of the operation will ensure that identities are not compromised. If containment procedures are strictly followed, then SCP-2420 is to be considered safe.

Description: SCP-2420 is a large, brown book which appears to be bound in ox-hide. On the front are silver letters of an unknown language which matches that of the Dispilio Tablet found by archaeologists in Northern Greece. Whether or not SCP-2420 is as old as the Dispilio Tablet (it's age is estimated around 7500 years old - making it the oldest known text to have been found by archaeologists to date) is a matter of speculation. The cover shows signs of age, but only that of a book forty to fifty years old. Beyond this, it shows no wear and tear from use.

The anomalous effects of SCP-2420 are only apparent once someone picks up and reads the book. Content is consistently reported as being different for each reader, and some have claimed it was in their native language, however, in all cases whatever has been read has provoked a strong emotional response. The responses have varied wildly, ranging from joyous to profoundly puzzled. The content of SCP-2420 remains consistent for each subject, as has been proven by their ability to pick right back up from where they left off.

In all instances where an emotional response exists, there is also a complete refusal to cease reading. The longest recorded time spent reading SCP-2420 by a subject was seventy-eight hours. Researchers have had success using methods as simple as chloroform to get subjects to cease reading, however, once removed from SCP-2420, subjects will remain enamored with SCP-2420 and will desire to continue reading. Use of amnestics on subjects has proved unsuccessful, as they continue to inquire if a future reading is possible. There has only been one recorded exception (see memorandum 2420-2).

When asked as to what they read when they picked up SCP-2420, subjects have given numerous responses, with the only constant variable being that it was something incredibly personal to the subject. In one such case, the subject claimed that it contained in depth descriptions of crimes which had been successfully committed by the subject years before. The subject described feelings of the deepest shame and regret, and subsequently committed suicide several days later. Other topics which have been reported being read in SCP-2420 range from beer making to tales of deepest romance.

Curiously, it has been noted that while a subject is reading SCP-2420, anyone else who tries to observe from over the shoulder will only see blank pages. Attempts at photographing the pages of SCP-2420 have been unsuccessful. Using a Polaroid will reveal crude drawings upon the pages of SCP-2420, using a film camera will reveal random letters, and using a digital camera only results in a static image. Attempting to record the pages of SCP-2420 with a video device reveal violent cartoon animations that show [data expunged].

SCP-2420 was discovered in [data expunged] in the Himalayas. Inhabitants refused to touch SCP-2420, claiming that the last person to read it “read himself to death.” Indeed, subjects who touch SCP-2420 refuse to eat anything, drink anything, and will urinate and defecate themselves rather than go to a restroom once they have begun reading. The team which secured SCP-2420 nearly lost one of their members to it’s influence. Since being secured by the Foundation, there has only been one casualty from prolonged exposure to the book. (Again, see memorandum 2420-1)

Archivist [redacted] has found mentions of SCP-2420 appearing in various locations throughout history, with the earliest known mention being in Alexandria during the lifetime of Alexander the great. Tracking it through history is spotty at best, and as of right now, there are no known duplicates or variations of SCP-2420.

Addendum: It seems that the effects of SCP-2420 are not active when subject touches it with gloves. Perhaps this should be implemented into containment procedures.

Memorandum 2420-1:
The director with the password to the safe, [data expunged], was found dead in the vault with SCP-2420 open in her lap. For unknown reasons, she had gone into the vault and taken out the book. She had not eaten, drank, or gone to the bathroom for at least four days, but sat reading the book. This is a testament to the more sinister side of SCP-2420's influence - all who read will inevitably waste away in favor of the book. Since this incident, containment procedures have been updated to prevent curious individuals from suffering the same fate. It is unknown at this time if the director did this of free-will, or if there was an influence from prolonged exposure to SCP-2420. Until this can be confirmed or denied, for safety reasons, we must assume that the actions were a direct result of SCP-2420.

Memorandum 2420-2:
The subject matter of SCP-2420 varies for each subject reading it. These have ranged from accurate knowledge of all SCPs to a full history of Europe from the 1500’s on. All subject matter read in SCP-2420 appears to be accurate. Subjects were unable to quit reading, with one known exception. The subject began reading, and after only twenty-four minutes, closed the book and asked why researchers were requiring the subject to read the Lord of the Rings saga. No known explanation has been given. As always, there were both recording devices and observers present, and they experienced the typical effects of watching a subject read SCP-2420.