Item #: SCP-█████
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-█████ is currently contained at Site-81 in Wing D. SCP-█████ is to be held in a standard holding cell with no copious quantities of organic matter. If any onsite personnel wish to test SCP-█████'s abilities they must have they must have ten guards armed with taser rifles escort SCP-█████ to Wing G. When testing SCP-█████, SCP-█████ must be chained down. When testing SCP-█████ researchers should send in a maximum of four Class-D personnel. After testing the four Class-D personnel will all be labeled SCP-█████-1. If further research is required the assigned researcher may request another set of Class-D personnel from an employee with Level 4 clearance. In the case SCP-█████ escapes containment knock out gas is to be used on it.
SCP-█████ resembles a ginger cat with two heads. When on all four feet it stands approximately 3 meters high, containment room does not allow it to stand on it's hind legs. SCP-█████'s left head is known as SCP-█████-A and it's right head is known as SCP-█████-B.
SCP-█████-A has been observed to have the ability to destroy organic matter, though only doing so if told to or unconsciously. SCP-█████-A seems to have minimal intelligence despite being older than many foundation personnel and being fluent in multiple languages. SCP-█████-A often shows a childlike personality that makes them difficult to work with. Another hindrance to trying to communicate with SCP-█████-A is anyone talking with them in person will have their mental state regressed, causing severe memory loss in many cases.
SCP-█████-B has been observed changing and repairing biological matter, all cases have proven to be intentional. SCP-█████-B seems to have above average intelligence, as well as knowing much more about the human anatomy than any doctors on site. Interviewing SCP-█████-B has proven to be a simple task if it is given an incentive to answer. What has proven to be the best incentive is frozen fish, though SCP-█████-B has complained about the fish being cold.
SCP-█████-1 had many variations, due to how many variations all versions have been grouped into one sections. SCP-█████-1 variations tend to be completely new species, most commonly humanoid. SCP-█████-1 are most commonly female, approximately 70% are female.
SCP-█████ was discovered in 19██ near Brown County State Park, Indiana. According to SCP-█████-B it's reason for being there was, "There is plenty to play with, occupies my other half." Though provided with this explanation further research is being done on what specifically was done while SCP-█████ was there.

<Begin Log>
Foreword: SCP-█████-B was mostly unwilling to cooperate without an incentive, when asked what it would like it's only reply was fish. Ten different species of edible fish were brought in after authorization was given. Fish species included goatfish, common carp, sea bream, hickory shad, blue runner, common ling, little tunny, cod, mullet, and haddock. Enough fish to be an equivalent to SCP-█████-B's approximant serving size were brought in. Once promised the fish would be given to it after the interview SCP-█████-B complied without another question.

Researcher █████: Why were you staying at Brown County State Park?
SCP-█████-B: It is a nice place for what I wanted.
Researcher █████: What is it exactly that you had wanted?
SCP-█████-B: A somewhat secluded place.
Researcher █████: Could you expand on your reasoning?
SCP-█████-B: There is plenty to play with, occupies my other half.
researcher █████: What do you mean by 'play?'
SCP-█████-B: An activity that entertains my other half.
<End Log>
Closing Statement: SCP-█████-B appears to try it's best to keep SCP-█████-A from being bored or unhappy, interview of SCP-█████-A will be held in order to verify this motive. All other testing on SCP-█████ is suspended until the interview with SCP-█████-A is completed.