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Item #: SCP-@

Object Class: Safe/Euclid/Keter (indicate which class)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-@ is to be contained in a fireproof humanoid containment unit at Site [NUMBERGOESHERE]. This containment unit will, additionally, be sturdy enough to withstand strikes from a

Description: SCP-@ is a 1.8 meter tall male humanoid of indeterminate age and ethnicity. It wears a suit of armor extremely similar to (and likely patterned after) the Elite Knight Armor set from the video game Dark Souls. This armor appears to be somehow grafted with the object's skin, and removal without damaging it has proven impossible.

SCP-@ has several anomalous characteristics besides its armor. It is capable of producing extremely high-temperature flames from its left hand, though it must have free use of its entire left arm to do so. These flames will appear as a combination of black and white fire, and are extremely damaging to exposed flesh and other organic material.

SCP-@ can manifest and demanifest a sword, termed SCP-@-1, at will. SCP-@-1 resembles a medieval Doppelhänder; SCP-@ is capable of wielding this weapon with one hand despite its considerable size. SCP-@-1 has an anomalously high amount of static electricity within it at all times, which only discharges upon contact with something SCP-@ perceives as being alive, typically causing significant damage. SCP-@-1 will spontaneously demanifest should it leave SCP-@'s hands.


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