This is ripped right off of my draft's description area. I'm posting this ahead of time so that the folks who are trying to write about the skip but don't know what it looks like can kind of get the idea. - Choiwel

Description: SCP-x is a massive biological entity of unknown origin. Its height measures to be approximately 382 meters, and is estimated to weigh over 150,000 metric tons. The entity possesses between 75-85 (estimates vary) tentacular appendages extending from the ventral region of its body. It uses this mass of tendrils for both movement and simple utility actions such as picking objects up. The organism appears to move as if it were a quadrupedal animal; that is, the ventral cavity of its body faces the ground and the dorsal cavity faces the opposite direction. The organism also appears to have a cranial extrusion which is hypothesized to contain its brain, but there is no backing data for this, and the only organs visible on this 'head' are its eyes, of which it possesses four, two on each half of the facial region.

Aside SCP-x's clear violation of the theoretical limit to a biological organism's size on Earth, its anomalous properties include the following:

  • SCP-x possesses the ability to telepathically communicate (this is explained in SCP-y's documentation). The language in which it communicates is dependent on the listener. SCP-x, however, does not appear to understand any messages it receives in response.
  • SCP-x's size does not appear to follow Euclidian geometries; that is, one cannot distinguish the organism's true size based on simply looking at it, as the creature will often appear to be many times smaller or larger than estimates determine it to be. There is a 'critical zone' which lies approximately 50 kilometers in diameter from SCP-x. As an individual approaches the bound of this zone, SCP-x will appear to 'blow up,' or grow larger. Outside of this zone, SCP-x will begin to shrink as the distance from the edge of the critical zone grows larger.
  • SCP-x's appendages appear to rapidly translocate themselves inexplicably. They will also transpose with eachother's positions in space at very rapid intervals. Whether this has a relation to the previous anomaly mentioned is, as of yet, unknown.