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Regeneration Disease

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be hosted by no less than three (3) test subjects at any time, henceforth referred to as Carriers. The Carriers are to be contained within a ten by ten by five (10x10x5) meter environmentally sealed room with decontamination shower and airlock at all times. The Carriers should be immobilized using cushioned restraints at all times. In the event that a Carrier breaks these restraints or otherwise becomes violent towards other Carriers or any personnel, guards are authorized to use provided tranquilizing weapons. If tranquilizers prove ineffective, use of deadly force and the termination of carriers are permitted so long as the minimum of three is maintained.

Foundation personnel authorized to enter the chamber for any reason must wear RFS-XXXX-compliant haz-mat protection to prevent infection. The atmospheric composition within the chamber is to be varied slightly (+2% Oxygen), to facilitate the detection of environmental breaches through monitoring of the external environment. In the event of a breach, the facility is to be quarantined and potentially exposed personnel screened and held for observation for ten (10) days.

Under no circumstances are any personnel identified as pregnant, immuno-compromised, or afflicted with any sort of pituitary or growth disorder to be assigned to any aspect of SCP-XXXX's containment or study.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a highly-contagious single-celled organism of theoretically extraterrestrial origin. Its dissimilarity to terrestrial life makes its biological classification very difficult, but it seems most comparable to a bacteria.

Microscopic examination of SCP-XXXX reveals multiple organelle-like structure unlike any in typical planetary life, the functions of which have yet to be fully understood. SCP-XXXX has shown to be incredibly resistant to typical anti-bacterial solutions, medicines, and environmental conditions. Wide-spectrum antibiotics have shown no effect, and attempts at engineering a cure have thus far shown no positive results of any kind. Samples of SCP-XXXX have been shown to easily survive temperatures ranging from 60-1200K. Particularly harsh chemical agents such as concentrated bleach has proven greatly effective in neutralization of SCP-XXXX. Despite its hardiness, SCP-XXXX is unable to survive more than approximately four (4) hours without a host, calling into question its theorized origin.

SCP-XXXX is capable of transmission to and between all mammals, with all other terrestrial life appearing to possess an inherent incompatibility. Symptoms of SCP-XXXX are unlike those of typical infections, and may not be apparent to casual observers or even the infected themselves for up to two (2) weeks. Those infected by SCP-XXXX progress through four (4) major stages of infection at greatly varying rates and severities. Reports on the progression and symptoms of Stages 1-4 are detailed in monthly quarantine Reports #XXXX-A through F.

Given SCP-XXXX's history, containment, and experimentation, the results of infection are very roughly as follows:

  • ~55% of subjects never progress into stages 2 and 3, and go directly into stage four given enough time.
  • ~25% of subjects progress into stage 2, but permanent symptoms are minor enough that they would go unnoticed under anything but close observation, or can be easily neutralized.
  • ~15% of subjects progress into stage 2, and suffer symptoms that cannot be corrected at all, cannot be corrected without great difficulty, or that render the subjects otherwise unsuitable for civilian life.
  • ~5% of subjects progress into stage 3. The results of stage 3 symptoms are universally catastrophic, and in many cases would cause the subject to be worthy of their own SCP classification.
  • >0.5% of subjects are killed directly as a result of their symptoms.


SCP-XXXX is believed to have been discovered at an asteroid excavation site approximately sixty (60) kilometers (37 miles) north of ███████████, ████████ between June ██-██, 19██. The asteroid in question was recovered, but was broken during transport to nearby ███████████, revealing a void in the rock. It is at this time that SCP-XXXX is believed to have infected the excavation and transport crews.

The Foundation was alerted to a potential anomaly in the area two (2) weeks later, upon reports of bizarre activities in the camp and the town of ███████████. Further investigation prompted the immediate on-site quarantine and observation of the area and all those infected. For the duration of the quarantine period, 81% of those infected fell dead by any of:

  • Suicide
  • Assisted Suicide
  • Termination by Foundation personnel (Self-defense)
  • Termination by Foundation personnel (Subjects attempting to escape quarantine)
  • Self-destructive mutation

Quarantine established as of June █, 19██.

Initial examinations show all 604 subjects in ███████████ are infected, demonstrating enhanced physical abilities as a primary symptom. Tests reveal increases in physical strength of approximately 20% 30% 45% 80% continually increasing physical strength, generally plateauing at 150-190% beyond earliest tests, as of June ██, approximately two (2) weeks after infection.

Endurance tests also show improvements, but with results that are more subject-dependent, with greater improvements in subjects with low physical fitness. Those with active lifestyles such as regular joggers show less improvement than, for example, Subject #XXXX-508— a 400 lb man of Chinese descent, aged 46— who was able to run until foot and joint pain brought him to a halt, with no signs of fatigue.
Immune response analyses indicate that the subjects bodies' can do little to stop or slow the progress of SCP-XXXX. Biopsy of Subjects' tissues shows nothing unusual beyond the presence of SCP-XXXX. The mechanisms behind these symptoms aren't fully understood, but relevant research notes at this time have been compiled in [REDACTED]

Psychological analyses indicate no meaningful changes, based on initial examinations and subjects with pre-existing psychological profiles. Delusions of grandeur and paranoid tendencies have been observed, but are credited to their newfound physical abilities, the circumstances of the quarantine itself, and the interference of guards (See Staff Notice #XXXX-14a).

Staff Notice #XXXX-14a:

While administration finds the intentions admirable, it would be greatly appreciated if guards no longer attempted to dissuade the fears of the younger subjects by telling them that they've become superheroes. We're unsure of the full extent of SCP-XXXX's symptoms, and Foundation psychologists warn it may also be interfering with their work.

Addendum A-1: SCP-XXXX appears to respond to other internal threats to its host. Subject #XXXX-369, a 76-year-old male of African descent was confined to a wheelchair due to stage 4 terminal cancer at the time of initial quarantine. On the morning of July ██, 6:30 AM, he was found jogging on █████████ street. Biopsy indicates Subject #XXXX-369 is entirely cancer-free.

Addendum A-2: A ten-year-old Female Caucasian child (Subject #XXXX-245) broke her left leg while riding a bike at high speeds (Due to the aforementioned increase in strength and endurance). SCP-XXXX does not seem to make the body any more resistant to damage.
EDIT: The subject's leg has healed completely in a matter of days (Perhaps even sooner, but not before Foundation testing could verify). This physical regeneration ability far outpaces the increases in other natural abilities we've observed. Experiments conducted with other subjects yield similar results.

A complete catalogue of subjects found in reports #XXXX-A through E can be found in Document XXXX-Golf