Eli Van Ruthenburg's Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX, permanent containment is not possible. Any instance of SCP-XXXX detected is to be quarantined by an appropriate amount of field agents posing as building health inspectors. SCP-XXXX affected locations are to be closed to the public for the duration of SCP-XXXX's

Description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous phenomenon that manifests in movie theaters located within cities located coastal states in the United States. The first signs of the phenomenon are promotional poster in a theater's lobby for an upcoming movie. Although the name, genre, age rating, and cast of the movie almost never consistent, the defining mark of the poster that confirms it as an instance of SCP-XXXX is the movie being labeled An E.D Williams Production and that the movie will be coming out exactly 3 days after the poster appears. No film director by the name of E.D Williams currently or has ever existed. Employees of SCP-XXXX affected locations have consistently reported nothing unusual about the appearance of the poster, claiming it has been there for between 4 to 7 months. 3 days after the anomalous poster appears, the movie will appear for viewing in one of the cinema's auditoriums and tickets to the movie will be available for purchase. The movie will only have one showing on the day it manifests, usually at 2:00 PM local time.

Inspection of the auditorium where SCP-2895 manifests show it to be the same auditorium as it was before SCP-2895 appeared. The movie screen will be playing advertisements for other movies that will be releasing soon as of the time of the screening. Audience members who have arrived before the screening time will show a great resistance against wanting to leave the auditorium. Attempts at persuasion to leave have been unsuccessful and forceful removals of persons have had mixed results. Attempts to enter the projection room during an manifestation of SCP-2895 have been unsuccessful.

When it is time for the movie to be shown, the entrance to the auditorium will close by itself and remain locked for the duration of the movie. Attempts at entry during this time have been unsuccessful. Once the movie ends, the entrance to the auditorium will once again open. All audience members will now have vanished. However, certain objects on an audience member's person (such as Cellphones, Wallets, etc.) may remain in the seat of their original owner. No patterns has been established as to how these kinds of objects are or are not left behind. In one of the empty seats will be SCP-2895-1. See SCP-2895-A's section for details.

While it is unknown the location and fate of anyone taken away by SCP-2895, a pattern has emerged where the names of the missing will show up as cast members in the next instance of SCP-2895. The names of the missing will usually only be used for one movie before being replaced in the next movie with a new cast of the names of people who had gone missing during the previous screening of SCP-2895.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX was first reported in 198█ in the town of [REDACTED], Maryland after ██ of its residents went missing simultaneously. Families of the missing reported that their loved ones had gone to the local movie theater on the day of their disappearances. After another mass missing people incident happened in 199█ under similar circumstances, the Foundation