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Item #: SCP-2023
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Contained in underground ████m below sea level in Area ██████ site C with 23x27x25 ██████ walls and combined with depleted ██████ in order to lock any means necessary. cleaning procedures should be done weekly depending by the order of O5 command. SCP Personells should be alert by anytime as necessary. security teams are tasked to terminate and destroy any person who takes a photo of the containment area even the elevator and any persons entering the facility who have no level 4 clearance by the order of O5 command. no video surveilance and cameras allowed in containment chamber due to some obvious reasons.

"These containment procedures is very strict even a 
member of O5 command cannot even enter easily in the containment chamber of SCP-2023"

Appears to be in an elderly Greek male with a similarity of a God-like form with has extra-ordinary powers and appears to know many languages even first lagnuage of the world and an unkown language that cannot be found in our universe. adding up to these discription he appears to be the mythological god of the greeks as "Zeus" and the early summerian god "annunaki" indian god such as "shiva" , japanese god "amaterasu" and other religions's god is the same discription as SCP-2023. SCP-2023 is tracked and found in the Himalayas by extremely classified, trained, die-hard █████████████████. SCP-2023 characteristics is based on all wrings in all religion around the world.

during the capture of SCP-2023. it appears to know what will happen. it has a strange bright light in its head.

SCP-2023 is capable of making things wrong or right it could be correct or wrong , death or life . knowledge of everything , every person's life history and its upcoming destiny. The end of days, an upcoming alien invasion in the near future and the return of his son ██████ ██████. SCP-2023 is under reasearch .
see addendum.

Some theory of SCP-2023 is the creator of some SCP'S found in the world including some SCP'S found in the facility such as SCP-██3 , SCP-██6 , SCP-██6 , SCP-0██ and other SCP's. he nicknamed as god of gods because of the similarity of all religion writings around the world ancient and modern.

Addendum log SCP-2023-A:

SCP-2023 is actually on observation and research. no biological testing is allowed

-Dr. ██████

Reults will be released by minimum of 1 month depending on the approval by O5 command.