Item #: SCP-2961

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-2961 is to be kept in a 30cm x 30cm x 30cm steel reinforced glass box in Site-██ with level 2 clearance required to enter. The item is not to be used unless being used for testing purposes. No other containment procedures required.

Description: Item SCP-2961 appears to be an ordinary, unmarked toe nail clipper and can be handled with no anomalous properties emerging. The anomalous properties of SCP-2961 manifest 1-2 hours after using the item to remove toe nails or finger nails. The nails will soon begin to regrow at a rate of 1 inch per hour and will not stop unless SCP-2961 is used to remove the growing nail, now classified as SCP-2961-A. SCP-2961-A can not be removed by any means other than SCP-2961 or stopped as the nails seem to be able to “push” through any material if needed. Even though the nail cannot be severed by normal means, the appendage can be severed to stop growth at the first knuckle, which SCP-2961-A's growth stops immediately. Analysis of SCP-2961-A reveal no different compounds or properties after being severed than that of a regular human fingernail. Analysis of SCP-2961 is inconclusive as SCP-2961 seems to be invulnerable.

SCP-2961 came into Foundation awareness on June 24 19██ when a man in ████████, █████████ appeared in local news and could not stop his nails from growing and doctors could not remove the nails and were forced to amputate the mans hands and feet to stop the growth. Foundation officials administered Class-B amnesiac to the entire town via water supply and retrieved the Item.

Addendum: SCP-2961 testing log

Subject: D-46324
Date: January 21 20██
Procedure: Class D personnel requested to use SCP-2961 to trim fingernails.
Result: D-46324 began trimming his nails and 1.4 hours after he finished began to experience the anomalous effects as SPC-2961-A began to grow rapidly. D-46324 was instructed to allow it to grow for 5 hours before being instructed to use a regular Revlon brand toe nail clippers to remove SCP-2961-A. D-46324 failed to remove SCP-2961-A from body and was instructed to use SCP-2961 to remove SCP-2961-A. Removal succeeded. SCP-2961-A disposed as Level 1 Anomalous Waste.

Subject: D-46324
Date: January 24 20██
Procedure: Class D personnel requested to place hands inside of reinforced steel case.
Result: D-46324 complied with requests and placed his hands into the case, once again, SCP-2961-A began to grow shortly after the one hour mark. SCP-2961-A grew and curved inside of the box, avoiding D-46324's hands until there was no room left in the case at which point the case began to bulge as SCP-2961-A burst through the steel box with ease. SCP-2961-A was cut and D-46324 returned to cell. SCP-2961-A disposed as Level 1 Anomalous Waste.

Subject: D-46324
Date: October 11 20██
Procedure: D-46324 requested to have SCP-2961 affected fingers removed.
Result: SCP-2961-A stopped growth as soon as fingers were severed at the first knuckle. No anomalous properties observed. SCP-2961-A and D-46324's fingers disposed as Level 1 Anomalous Waste.