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Item #: SCP-xxxx [Internet Hell]

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All online references to SCP-xxxx are to be monitored using webcrawler WIDGET:58L. When identified by the webcrawler, references are to be deleted where possible by agents embedded in the staff of social media websites.

Members of SCP-xxxx are to be identified and located. When discovered, users who joined after Incident xxxx.1 are to be amnesticised, while those who joined before are to be transferred to standard humanoid containment chambers in Site-17.

All observation of SCP-xxxx must be carried out under Type 4 cognitohazard filters.

Description: SCP-xxxx is an online forum, named “Internet Hell”. SCP-xxxx was created by “Lucifer” on 2007-09-08 and featured discussion on a wide variety of topics, all loosely connected to the concept of infernal suffering.

SCP-xxxx became anomalous during an incident between 2011-05-25 and 2011-06-01 (“Incident xxxx.1”), when a user known as “moresinfulthanyoulol” made a series of eight cognitohazardous posts to the site, containing animated .gif images which cycle through sequences of anomalous mind-affecting visual stimuli. The first and most frequently viewed of these comments was published to the forum on 2011-05-25 with the title “Watch people FAIL!!!”.

The typical effect of viewing the cognitohazards published by “moresinfulthanyoulol” is addiction to SCP-xxxx and compulsion to repost the images on the site. This compulsion effect has resulted in the creation of a large number of copies of the images appearing on the forum. However, multiple regular users of SCP-xxxx have displayed different behaviour, which appears to have been caused by the inclusion of cognitohazards specifically targeted at these users (see Addendum xxxx.1).

All efforts by the Foundation to take down SCP-xxxx, or to remove its domain name from the DNS name servers, have failed. This failure is believed to have been caused by the installation of anomalous defence systems by “Lucifer” following Incident xxxx.1.

Addendum xxxx.1: Partial list of notable SCP-xxxx users

Username Summary of content before Incident xxxx.1 Summary of content after Incident xxxx.1 Status
Lucifer Lucifer is the founder and administrator of SCP-xxxx. Most of Lucifer’s posts were updates related to site maintenance and management. As before, except updates make references to seemingly anomalous security measures. These include “long-range physical property alteration”, “Kalki-class artificial intelligence systems”, and “[REDACTED] organic firewalls”. Unidentified.
moresinfulthanyoulol None. moresinfulthanyoulol was responsible for the posts which triggered Incident xxxx.1, which were the user’s first posts on the site. Following this incident, user has made comments at 17:58 UTC every day, all consisting of the single word “lol”. User has made no other posts following Incident xxxx.1. Unidentified. No links to larger Groups of Interest have been established.
[undecided] [undecided] was known primarily for lengthy posts to SCP-xxxx primarily concerning philosophy, politics and sport. User was regarded in the SCP-xxxx community as a source of insightful opinions. All substantial posts since Incident xxxx.1 have been arguments in support of the Royalist side in the English Civil War. These comments are all written under the apparent belief that the date is 1643-05-28, and often exceed a thousand words in length. Comments are written in an imitation of Early Modern English. Identified 2014-03-25 as [REDACTED], an inmate in the [REDACTED] mental hospital since 2011-07-05. Contained 2014-03-29.
TheyreKissing TheyreKissing was a regular contributor to SCP-xxxx’s fiction discussion boards, best known for posting elaborate theories about the future plot development of television shows. As before, except all predictions by TheyreKissing appear to be correct. In addition, the user has made a series of posts in SCP-xxxx’s conspiracy theory subforum (entitled “Was there a Cold War superscience arms race?”) which appear to deduce the existence of organisations fitting the descriptions of the Foundation and of GRU Division “P”. Identified 2016-10-12; contained 2016-12-06. User appeared unsurprised by the arrival of the containment team, and during initiation of containment requested being put into employment at the Foundation as an anomalous asset. Request was denied.
TheMouseRanDown The majority of TheMouseRanDown’s posts were horror stories posted to the creative writing subforum, typically featuring protagonists exploring dangerous supernatural locations. All posts are requests for assistance in escaping a vast indoor space supposedly resembling a factory. The area described by the user appears to contain a variety of anomalous devices, such as two-way teleporters and localised gravitational distortion devices. Identified 2015-10-09. Location tracked 2015-10-19 to [REDACTED], now classified as SCP-. Recovery efforts have failed.
Little Donkey Little Donkey commented mostly in SCP-xxxx’s political discussion board. User tended to express highly cynical opinions, notably insisting that the human species would become extinct by 2050. User continues to post in the political discussion board of SCP-xxxx, now expressing extreme opinions, such as support for biological weapons research. Statistical analysis indicates that the pursuit of these policies by a large nation-state would likely result in human extinction by approximately the year 2050. User often refers to a contact in the European Parliament who is interested in implementing these ideas; the identity of this person, if they exist, is uncertain. Unidentified.
CyberDad CyberDad was the most active user on SCP-xxxx, making humorous comments about a variety of topics from the perspective of a middle-aged male, and offering advice to younger users of the site. Following Incident xxxx.1, user has repeatedly posted a photograph whose subject has been identified as Lise Redfern, the victim of an unsolved murder in [REDACTED] on --. Of note is the sexual suggestiveness of the image and the fact that Ms. Redfern appears to be in significant pain. It is unclear how CyberDad obtained the image. User has made no other comments. Unidentified.
ErsatzElevator ErsatzElevator is thought to be a manifestation of SCP-1715 due to a shared avatar and similarities in writing style. User appears to have engaged in similar anomalous behaviour to SCP-1715, but evidence has been lacking because of difficulties in collecting evidence from SCP-xxxx. Unchanged. Unidentified. See SCP-1715 documentation for further details.
james95 None. james95 first posted to SCP-xxxx on 2015-07-25, after Incident xxxx.1. User does not appear affected by cognitohazards in SCP-xxxx, either because of failure to perceive them or because of an immunity to them (the belief of researchers being the latter, given the prevalence of cognitohazardous stimuli on SCP-xxxx). User frequently mocks the unusual posts of other site members. Identified and located 2017-07-31; contained 2017-08-09. Analysis of user’s apparent anomalous resistance to cognitohazards is ongoing.