Endocrine Disruptor
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SCP-XXXX in its dormant state.


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The subject is to be kept in a sound-proof, carpeted room, making use of active antinoise sound generators and sound baffles. The device may be kept in a small safe, but it is required by safety standards that a certain level of silence ( at most, 30 decibels) be maintained in order to keep SCP-XXXX in a “dormant” stage.

All personnel are required to wear noise-cancelling headphones to reduce unwanted ambient sounds. All personnel must be sure to cover their ears completely and have the headphones fully charged upon entry. Personnel must refrain from speaking to prevent provocation when handling.

The object itself should be handled delicately. Under no circumstances should new batteries be inserted and interaction with the object is strictly limited to inspection and maintenance. Failure to adhere to protocol will result in immediate termination.

If for any reason personnel come into direct contact with SCP–XXXX, immediately evacuate the area. Do not engage or respond to SCP- XXXX. Before and after each inspection a mandatory hearing test will be administered to each staff member in order to proceed with inspections. Any and all electronic devices— including, but not limited to, cell phones, wrist watches, calculators, computers, and portable media players— must be relinquished before entering the subject’s room.

Description: SCP- XXXX is a standard Speak & Spell electronic handheld toy produced in the late 70’s by Texas Instruments. The device consists of a speech synthesizer, keyboard, and rudimentary screen. SCP- XXXX reacts to auditory stimuli and will start up automatically when handled.

The object was recovered from a family whose seven year old daughter suddenly and without warning became deaf. The child reported to have experienced what she described as a persistent “buzzing and ringing” noise that others could not experience after the incident1. Several of the object's distinguishing features include multiple scratches along the plastic siding, torn edges around the logo sticker, bent and warped molding, and melted circuit board.

It appears that SCP-XXXX can cause mild to profound hearing loss and, when left alone and agitated, may produce screeching and whirring noises at varying degrees of loudness. The average noise level the subject has reached measured at 130 decibels (dB)— comparable to a jet engine and the threshold of pain. To date, the highest levels that the subject has reached during its aggravated state measured at an astonishing ███ dB. The recommended exposure time before possible auditory damage may occur is a maximum of one minute2, and any contact beyond this point will result in severe damage to the soft tissue of the inner ear.

Tests have been conducted in the past to communicate with SCP- XXXX in order to determine sentience, as it is most likely to emit louder noises when handled in a rough or careless manner or interacted with in a negative way. Past attempts at speaking directly to the device fail and responses are never given. However, upon engaging the device in gameplay, there is almost always either a program failure or unexpected audio interference.

Addendum: After some initial testing, SCP-XXXX appears to be of limited intelligence, often interacting through the simple word games that it comes programmed with. These include Say It, Mystery Word, Secret Code, and Letter. Often it will not act out of the ordinary and function along its perimeters. However, when purposefully and repeatedly provoked, the device will become aggressive and attempt to cause auditory pain to those nearby. Whether this is due to malevolence or an act of self-defense is at this time unknown. Further testing is necessary.