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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Keep SCP-XXXX locked in a 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm glass cube. If it activates during transportation to testing destination, Personnel are to keep it above the ground and out of contact with certain materials (See Addendum 2202-A) to prevent it from activating.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a singular stick of Giant Powder Company dynamite, but it has no wick. It is twenty three centimeters in length, three centimeters longer than a usual stick. SCP-XXXX does have Nitroglycerin inside of it, but does not react to anything except the flame SCP-XXXX creates. Nitroglycerin seemingly fills up the inside of SCP-XXXX every few minutes if it does not completely fill to the top. SCP-XXXX also repairs its outside shell if it is damaged. It's also seemingly impossible to completely sever in half and resists most forms of damage except via laser and pressure of about 3203 newtons.

SCP-XXXX was found in a coal mine in ████, Arizona on 06/█/19██. It was discovered when a group of miners accidentally found a dug out room. In it was a skeleton crushed by rock and rubble with SCP-XXXX in his hand. They tossed it aside but quickly came back after seeing it create a cave system.

SCP-XXXX activates when it makes contact with raw materials during the time frame that it can activate. It starts to grow a wick with random lengths between eight to three centimeters in length. The top of the wick starts to get increasingly hot until it starts to catch on fire. It takes exactly thirty seconds no matter how long the wick is to reach the Nitroglycerin inside. Before the timer can end, SCP-XXXX starts to burrow bottom-down inside whatever material it touches. The wick sticks out the top and has around thirteen seconds before it reaches the Nitroglycerin. When the flame does reach the Nitroglycerin, SCP-XXXX explodes. SCP-XXXX will not separate and will still have at least one piece of it left so it can repair itself. The explosion will create an earthquake with a small magnitude of 2.2.

A large hole would appear where SCP-XXXX exploded. The area will now be designated as SCP-XXXX-2. The hole would go down and lead into a large cave-like opening. The area is small but connects to other holes where they lead into larger areas. It keeps going down, each area getting larger. The Foundation sent down an expedition team with oxygen tanks, guns, and tools to collect samples. The farthest the team got was around twenty three areas before they had to come back up due to excessive heat and low oxygen. They encountered no other creatures living inside the caves but found a variety of different types of known and unknown materials found deep inside the Earth all shaped like large protruding crystalline structures.

After two to three days of coming up and down again, the expedition team went to the entrance hole to find it closed off with dirt and stone. They went back down but found caves seventeen through twenty three had been sealed off with what seems to be the caves collapsed on themselves. They went back up and radioed in support. A small team of four people came and used a small mining drill to open the hole back up and release the expedition team.

SCP-XXXX will not explode if it activates at a random time and does not come in contact with the materials listed in Addendum 2201-A. instead, the wick will protrude out but not ignite. After five and a half minutes, the wick will fall off and the time will reset. SCP-XXXX will not activate or explode if it is inside the cave system that it created. It also will not activate or explode if there isn't at least a twelve by twelve area in which that it can create its cave system.