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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is currently contained in the [REDACTED] house located at [REDACTED]. Despite having the 'Euclid' classification, it can be highly dangerous and personnel with level 4 security clearances are allowed to come in contact and/or be in the house, except for the family taking care of it. This is because it is easily provoked and will lash out with ferocity and, with high probability, mutilate the oppressor resulting in their untimely, unfortunate, and very painful death. If this happens to someone, don't be concerned for your own safety because it will not attack you unless it isn't calmed down correctly or you have provoked it.

Before entering the premises:

  1. Before entering within 1.61803399 miles of the residence of which SCP-XXXX is in, receive an auditory confirmation from the [REDACTED] family and Dr. [REDACTED] that you are permitted to enter. You must also have all the required equipment before entering within the 1.61803399-mile radius
  2. Breaking the previous statement is an extreme federal offense and will result in execution by firing squad. That is if we get to you before SCP-XXXX
  3. Leave all electronic equipment and devices, religious symbols, food of any kind, and objects with bright pigmentation, specifically red and orange, out of sight of SCP-XXXX
  4. Acquire a handwritten signature and an auditory confirmation from both Dr. [REDACTED] and at least 2 members of the [REDACTED] family before breaking the previous statement
  5. Put on the [REDACTED]
  6. Check the back of your left hand and forehead for any un͏ú̸̢s͘u̵̧a̵l͘͝ pigmentation of the skin
  7. Trace the following symbol on the gate with the [REDACTED] then draw the same character on the back of your right hand with the [REDACTED]. Doing it backward will cause fourth- or fifth-degree burns.
  8. Spray yourself with the provided anti-[REDACTED] on the neck, shoulders, and both thighs in order to prevent SCP-XXXX from getting "jumpy."
  9. Finally, before starting to unlock the gate to the front yard of the premises, knock 3 times in 3 seconds, pause for 2.41421356237 seconds, then knock twice in one second. You don't have to be exact, but try to be within 0.02 seconds
  10. If the pause between knocks is not within 0.02 seconds, DO NOT ENTER

When handling SCP-XXXX, be sure to be gentle and stay calm. Follow all instruction the family members give you if you value your life for the reasons above. Don't make any sudden movements or you might startle it. Certain things are banned from the house like cucumbers and catnip. Other animals, especially other cats, are also prohibited unless you have a handwritten signature from the site director. Personnel must also learn how to calm SCP-XXXX down if it gets provoked and also what angers it directly from the [REDACTED] family.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small feline with tabby coloring pattern with a white, slightly blue, underbelly, orange and black flanks, and a symbol on its forehead, pictured below. When viewing this, wear your


SCP-XXXX also has hazel colored iris and constant bloodshot eyes, although it is hard to see.