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Item #: SCP-4528

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4528 is locked on a 10m x 10m x 3m containment cell,made entirely of steel-plated concrete walls and ceiling.At least once per week,SCP-4528 is allowed to leave their containment cell if they or the head researcher finds that a mental and/or medical evaluation is needed.SCP-4528 must be detained and Their cell must be put in quarantine if any damage is found in the walls,ceilling or ground of the containment cell.A temporary containment cell for scp-4528 must be provided until full repair or decontamination of their original cell.This temporary cell must measure at least 5mx5mx3m,be made entirely of concrete and a living space with a toilet,sink and a bed.

SCP-4528's Cell has furniture that resembles a small modern hotel room from the years of 1990,shelves full of trophies and walls covered with POP culture Posters,all items are claimed to be owned by SCP-4528 and all age 5-10 years.None of the items should be replaced or moved,as SCP-4528 threathened to leak every information he knows.

SCP-4528 should always wear a pair of steel gloves in shape of spheres in a cuff like device,that may only be unlocked if a code is typed in a keypad located in the outer front region of the gloves.The code must be changed every week and a copy must be written on a paper and be kept safe in possession of a Level 4 or higher personnel's office.Once SCP-4528 states that they wants to sleep Security personnel must attach the spherical gloves to a 2.5 meter long chain that must be afixed in the ceiling of the cell above SCP-4528's bed so he stays there.After 4 hours the chain can be removed.

Even if you think we are being harsh on how this object should be contained,is to be kept in mind "WHY" does this object has become a Keter Class Object in the first place. (See Addendum 4528-01) The chain was 4528's idea and it declares that makes him relaxed when trying to sleep.
-Head Researcher, Dr. John W. Wilke

If SCP-4528 managed to unlock themself out of his gloves and cell,site security must detain them immediately,before he manage to leak information to low level personnel.If any personnel from level 3 and below happens to receive leaked information,they must receive class B amnesics immediately or be terminated if any actions against the foundation take place.

Subject has rarely requested items,but often request:(Items that are requested for jokes with the Foundation are being denied until further discussion)

  • A Visit to the Class-D Block (Denied)
  • A Small pair of Scissors and a Treadmill (Denied)
  • "Edible" Food once per week (Denied)
  • Have a Red Neon light on his cell reading "Slave to Government" (Denied)
  • A Bath with a Female Researcher (Denied)
  • Playing with other SCP's (Denied, See Addendum 4528-02)
  • [DATA EXPUNGED] with the Chaos Insurgency - (Denied)
  • Expunge all his data - (Denied)
  • Destroy SCP-███,because he fears it - (Denied, See Addendum 4528-03)
  • Be naked in his Containment cell - (Approved, See Addendum 4528-04)
  • Get their pants back - (Approved)

The O5 members should not be questioned about the Approval of SCP-4528's request to be naked and then approving his request to get his clothes back,as he might be only Joking (Again) or having a Nudism Personality forming,which we know for a fact that might be a thing.
-Head Researcher, Dr. John W. Wilke

Is to be kept in mind that SCP-4528's requests doesn't have to be attended without a mental evaluation,as he could be joking with his researchers and guards and not actually having a personality change.

In case of massive containment breach from SCP-████,████,████,████,███ and 035,SCP-4528's cell must be the first to be confirmed of breach,as it could put in danger the success of containment all escaping objects — or manage to escape alone.— (See Incident 4528-02)
If it stills lies on his containment cell,Site-██ lockdown must be immediately called to escort SCP-4528 to Safety.

Description: SCP-4528 is a male young white human of american descent,that weights approximately 76Kg (167 lb.),is 24 years old and it measures 1,89 meters in height (6.2 ft.).SCP-4528 has dark brown hair with a fringe that covers the entire left side of it's face(See Addendum 4528-05),has honey eyes and a small tatoo on his back that resembles two crossed daggers and a sign that reads "I Killed JFK before i was Born".SCP-4528 is an Ex-Class-D Personnel from the Facility,SCP-4528 has been brought to attention by the foundation for two anomalous abilities and an important fact:He knows every word the foundation will and has ever wrote,said,expunged and hid.

SCP-4528's anomalous abilities practically make him invulnerable to any mind control,memetic hazard,Reality distortion,etc.As his skull bones are not only constituted by calcium,but has similar properties to SCP-148 which protects his brain from outer memetic invasions and makes the effect of Amnesics obsolete,but still able to knock them down. (See Addendum 4528-04).

His Second abilities turns him physically immortal to external stimuli or danger.This came to Foundation's mind when SCP-4528 survived a execution from the NTF Team that mistook the subject with a normal Class-D,while a containment breach was detected in SCP-███ eletromagnetic cell,the subject was shot three times in the chest and twenty times on his head,all bullets couldn't get past his muscles tissues or skeleton.Aside from his heart to never stop and his brain to remain actively working (without any difficulty or damage) for weeks after oxygen deprivation,SCP-4528 has a fast metabolism and regeneration that was the result of the accident that left him this way.SCP-4528 can be indestructible,but he can be easily knocked away with any conventional method.

The Knowledge that SCP-4528 has over the Foundation is extremely vast,as he can tell the start of the foundation until the day we are living.No word or letter added to any of the Foundation data banks are safe from his mind,as he knows what gets added or expunged in less than 10 seconds.

Addendum 4528-01: SCP-4528 was changed from Safe to Keter after a Level 2 researcher entered O5 Council Member █████'s Office using the keypad and his Password.The Researcher entered the Office and [DATA EXPUNGED] and Stole [DATA EXPUNGED].After he was caught he got questioned how did he managed to enter the correct code the first time,he put blame on SCP-4528,when the Subject was questioned about the incident he happily told us that he knew the code and even pronouced it out loud,aswell as other 4 O5 Council members codes and warned us about three spelling errors on the last three SCP Object data file update,all of them were there.

To minimize foundation information data leakage to Lower level personnel,we,from the Council voted for an Update for the SCP classification for the SCP-4528 from SAFE to KETER,as he could leak all information we have that might harm the foundation.
-O5 Council

Addendum 4528-02: The possibility that SCP-4528 know every secret of all SCP's is not small.Some Cross-testings between 4528 and other SCP's might add more data to future testing or better containment procedures.SCP-4528 did not tried to argue against this idea,and even asked to add:

I would like to be put in a testing chamber with 106,1048 and 035 if possible…I Want to see what happens when they try to interact with me and…Maybe 049…I think he would be quite confused for…"Not sensing the Disease" in me…
-SCP-4528 (Talking facing a wall on it's cell Three seconds after the typing of the "Cross-testing Proposal")

Addendum 4528-03: When SCP-4528 was still a former Class-D,he was chosen to perform the regular cleaning of SCP-███ along with other two Class-D's.After some time inside the containment cell,the door systems started to malfunction and SCP-███ could've breached,due to light malfuctioning.The Subject could've escape easily,but when the Mobile Task Force entered his Containment cell,they found a Class-D with eyes wide open,shaking in fear and kept repeating the sentence "Do not Blink" until he was sent back to safety.

Addendum 4528-04: (Still as a Class-D) SCP-4528 was put in exposed to Class A Amnesics,he didn't got his memory wiped,but stated that he couldn't breathe for ten minutes after receiving the amnesics.When exposed to Class B Amnesics,SCP-4528 seemed to have mutated his personality and often had mental breakdowns such as crying and staying in the corner of it's cell or just repeatedly telling puns to himself and laughing at it.

It has been noticed that SCP-4528's personality varries from being timid and cold to being too excited and sarcastic.

Incident 4528-01: (This incident is not stated on SCP-028 file,for SCP-4528 being the main guilty part of this.) As tests on SCP-028 were due to detect an anomalous area of effect,Class-D's were sent to test the area of effect of it.Class-D 4500 (A.K.A SCP-4528) passed through SCP-028 area of effect and "gained" knowledge of the Foundation Data Base.Because of security failure,Class-D 4500 ran again two times through SCP-028 area of effect and gained knowledge of the ability to fastly increase his metabolism and tissue regeneration,the knowledge of how to synthesize the properties of SCP-148 was given in the third time he ran passed the area of effect.

This Data was found one month after SCP-4528 survived a Class-D mass termination,which begs the questions: "Who knew about this Incident with 028?","why did the security failed that day?" and,finally,"How did the Class-D 4500 did not died after the second time he entered 028's area of effect?"
-Head Researcher,Dr.John W.Wilke

Incident 4528-02: SCP-4520 was found breached in a containment breach in ██/██/████.After successful attempts to recontain other SCP Objects,SCP-4528 was found bathing himself in a tub in Doctor Wilke's office.NTF Team tried to terminate SCP-4528 as they thought he was a Escaping Class-D.Later found that Doctor John W.Wilke did not gave the access code to SCP-4528.

Addendum 4528-05: SCP-4528 should never change hairstyle or completely cut or buzz off his hair,as he oftens wander to the Class D containment block when he breach and might be mistaken with a normal Class D and get wrongfully contained as one.A Class 2

Addendum 4528-06: First Interview with SCP-4528

Interviewed: SCP-4528

Interviewer: Doctor John W.Wilke

Foreword: The prime objetive of this interview is to see how much does SCP-4528 knows about the Foundation Data bank.

Dr.John Wilke: Good evening,4528…

SCP-4528: Hello,Doctor John ██████████ Wilke,Good evening to you too…It is approximately…What? 23:54pm? Wait… (some seconds have passed) Now it's 23:55pm,right?

Dr.John Wilke: Wait…How do you know this? There are no clocks around anywhere here…
SCP-4528: Doctor,Doctor,Doctor…Do you think the Foundation servers have any way to deduct time?
Dr.John Wilke: Wait…You can even see the digital clock on the Foundation computer?
SCP-4528: John,Please… (SCP-4528 laughs) I can't see the Digital Clock…I Just know what hours is it…Because i know when this interview was being scheduled…
Dr.John Wilke: Well…Starting with the first question…
SCP-4528: (Subject starts speaking Spanish) Speak,Doctor…
Dr.John Wilke: Spanish…When did you (Interrupt)
SCP-4528: (Subject starts speaking Arab) The foundation has a Language Data Bank
Dr.John Wilke: Okay… (Speaks with a guard) We might need a translator if he continues
SCP-4528: (Subject starts speaking in German) Yes,do that…
Dr.John Wilke: Right…A Translator is coming to the interview to assist me on this…
SCP-4528: SCP-███ is breaching his containment…Just saying,y'know?
Dr.John Wilke: Don't you dare—
Site Warning: SCP-███ has Breached containment,all personnel remain calm and go to the nearest shelter.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-███ breached and the interview was cancelled until the MTF Team recaptured and Safely stated order on the facility.