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Item #: SCP-3840

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No personnel except designated D-class are to enter Site 14E or know its contents or purpose. D-class must wear vital monitors. D-class may not leave Site 14E. No material may enter except for supplies. All material exiting is to be treated as hazardous waste, except for paper passed through a dedicated soundproof mechanical system used for communication with outside personnel, who must have clearance level 3 or higher. There must always be at least 3 D-class at Site 14E.

In the event of a containment breach, all exposed personnel are to be terminated, or when possible, assigned to Site 14E as D-class.

All documents at Site 14E, including this document, are to be stored in paper form only. The replacement procedure for a document is copying it by hand and burning the old version; all documents are to be replaced every three (3) days following a standard schedule.

Information available to the rest of the Foundation on "SCP-3840" must be on a different fictional object instead in order to mask SCP-3840. SCP-3840 is to be stored in a locked opaque box which should not be moved, at Site 14E. References to SCP-3840 must be minimized to reduce information mutation.

Description: SCP-3840 mutates all information about it until the information is no longer about it, at an estimated maximum of 0.7 Sh/Sh/s for a direct reference. It also affects surrounding information to a lesser extent, though it is not contagious. Written records last the longest due to their extreme redundancy compared to other mediums. Digital records typically cause the host machine to fail, with the data being irrecoverable. Human memories are not isolated, and as such, if a person knows about SCP-3840, their memories will mutate until they completely forget about SCP-3840. Accounts of SCP-3840's appearance and material are inconsistent.

Addendum 3840-01: Incident Log

On 2016-██-██, it was discovered that all four D-class at Site 14E had expired. Autopsy reveals death was consistent with Alzheimer's disease, likely caused by SCP-3840. SCP-3840 was found to be missing from its containment area, and later discovered among the waste from Site 14E. All personnel exposed to SCP-3840 have been terminated. Containment procedures have been revised.

"SCP-3840's behaviour is not well understood. Its mutation effect may be intelligent rather than random, it may have some means of locomotion rather than being inanimate, there's so many things we could have gotten wrong and we wouldn't know. Requesting Euclid reclassification." -Researcher ██████