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Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No lifeform should be having direct contact with SCP-2526.
All personnel should be avoided from SCP-2526 and it’s neutral habitat at all times. Any lifeform that have contacted with SCP-2526 are set to be Terminated at all cost.

Description: SCP-2526’s appearance is unknown but a few victims told what the entity looks like before they were terminated. they said the creature appears to look like a tree man with an ████████ ████. Some victims saw that the creature looks like an actual tree, And most of them said that it can change size from 6 feet to 10 feet.

SCP-2526 has many abilities that can move itself from one place to another, here is a list of
abilities that the Entity has.

  • Can actually sometimes move without moving it's legs
  • Teleportation
  • Mindcontrol

SCP-2526 is extremely dangerous to all lifeforms that have existed around the planet including humans. When an lifeform gets contact with SCP-2526, the lifeform will start to have nosebleed, blood throwups, psychological issues, anger, hatred, and mostly [REDACTED]. this were the victim becomes SCP-2526-2. SCP-2526 will cause SCP-2526-2 to grow insanity and can even cause the victim to [REDACTED]. SCP-2526 could even cause SCP-2526-2 to [DATA EXPUNGED] others and most likely worship the entity as a god. On the other hand, the victim will usually be controlled by SCP-2526. SCP-2526 will command SCP-2526-2 to bring more lifeforms to the entity itself and could create a cult call The ██████. once the cult is created, SCP-2526-2 will start to gather other humans

SCP-2526 only appears when it’s near by an lifeform with an emotional state which will include anger and sadness and SCP-2526 will start stalking them until the lifeform gets contacted by SCP-2526. Any Human are set to terminated SCP-2526-2 and SCP-2526 will completely Vanish.