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Item #: SCP-2136

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2136 must be contained in a 5.2 meters wide and 9.3 meters tall and 2 or 3 Guards watching it. It must be contained in a 4.5 wide and 9.2 tall cell and only opened if Class-D's are entering or if furniture is broken and being replaced. A Hazmat suit must be worn If changing furniture.

Description: SCP-2136 is a 3.4 wide by 7.4 tall robot which will attack with Hypothermic Temprature lazers which will give Hypothermia and kill the Class-D/Scientists and held in site-[REDACTED] which is guarded 24 Hours and any unauthorized citizens will be killed.

No information futher has been seen exept killing Site Personel

__**Test-01 - 09/11/████

Subject: D-103790 Age: 67
Procedure: D-10374 has been sent into cell with SCP-2136 with no hazbat suit
Results: D-10374 was frozen into a 6.0 tall and 9.0 wide Ice Block, Doctor ████ has told guards to burn the ice block in the incinerator
Analysis: When SCP-2136 freezes someone the person must be frozen for 5 hours with it's kind of Chemical.

__**Test-02 - 09/16/████

Subject: D-93456 Age: 45
Procedure: D-93456 was sent into SCP-2136 WITH a hazmat suit at ██:██
Results: Subject survived test Hazmat suit has been proven and will be used for furniture change
Analysis: Doctor's analysis is that unless allowed by 05-Command you will be terminated