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SCP 0000

Item #: SCP ####

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000 cases is to be kept in a small locker with the temperature to remain at 25-30 Degrees F. SCP-0000's room is to be checked daily for any leaking or other oddities. SCP-0000's testing is to be approved by 2 Level-3 personal. Testing with SCP-0000 should be in a 10 by 10 foot room, with a reinforced door so that the effects of SCP-0000 don't effect anywhere else but the room. SCP-0000 should a no cases be played outside.

Description: SCP-0000 is currently 5 4 vinyl copies of the album Eskimo by The Residents. SCP-0000's cover and the vinyl itself show no abnormalities from a regular copy other than some mold damage which vinyl seems to be uneffected by. SCP-0000s less effective properties appear whenever SCP-0000 is kept in a room above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. SCP-0000 will leak water out of the center of the disc. Depending on the heat of the room, SCP-0000 will leak more water when introduced to more heated environments.
SCP-0000 more noticeable proporties are seen when it is inserted into any vinyl playing device (Gramaphone, Turntable, etc) the room where SCP-0000 will suddenly begin to transform the room. Despite having a roof, the room will begin to have a heavy blizzard. The room will expand if deemed too small.(yo Errorlypse put a footnote about how the limits have not been determined) The music of SCP-0000 can be heard no matter where within the room. SCP-0000 will play certain events based on the notes contained within a average copy of The Residents - Eskimo. SCP-000

Track: The Walrus Hunt
Effects: The nearest water source will collapse