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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class - Euclid

Special containment procedures: The object must be kept in a ten (10) x ten (10) room with airtight seals on every possible angle. At no time should the room be opened without clearance from level 3 personnel or higher.

Description: The object is generally perceived as a large ████ rock about ██ (██) meters in height. At first glance, especially when outside, the rock appears to be normal in every respect. However, upon closer inspection, the object appears to give off a dark black fume of high density and toxicity. During human trials, D-class personnel were instructed to breath deeply when in the chamber with SCP-XXXX. After about five (5) minutes, subjects begin to show increased aggression towards anyone or anything that comes near the object, with exception to others already under its effect. After another ten (10) minutes of exposure to the fumes, subjects begin to show immense feelings of servitude to the object, and appear to be speaking to it in a very unnaturally low tone. Soon after this phase, subjects begin to fall into a comatose state. During this state, the bodies of subjects begin to decompose with immense ferocity. All flesh that is decomposed soon evaporates into more of the fumes released by SCP-XXXX. It is currently unknown whether or not the object is sentient, or has intentions to release the fumes. The object was recovered after a rash of missing persons cases in the backwoods of colorado.