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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-XXXX has no unusual ability that allows it to escape its containment and therefore, standard Safe-class humanoid SCP object containment procedure will suffice for its containment. However, for its survival, modification to the containment cell is necessary. It is to be contained within a standard Safe-class humanoid SCP object containment cell with high oxygen level. For SCP-XXXX's subsistence, meals with unusually large nutritional value are to be given daily. Approximately, it should be fed meals that have nutritional values enough to sustain 400 average adult males. For details regarding exact specifics of its requirements, approach Dr. Thane.

The entity is intellectually incapable of making special requests. However, should it do so, its requests can be adhered to unless doing so potentially breaches its containment.

If the entity's containment is breached due to any external reasons, the entity is never to be assumed destroyed, including in an event of on-site nuclear warhead detonation. Efforts should be made to recover SCP-XXXX in such breaches.

In any circumstances SCP-XXXX is to be decommissioned, it is to be done so by asphyxiation through oxygen deprivation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a young adolescent of East Asian origins about 13 years of age. It suffers from malnutrition and other health complications as a side effect of its abnormal property.

SCP-XXXX is highly resistant to all foreign matters, regardless of their beneficial or hazardous qualities, possibly being immune to those that are excessively dangerous. Its resistance to foreign matter extends beyond the physical sense of the phrase, as testing has proven it to be resistant or immune to nontangible matters such as information or memetic agents.

While the entity is seemingly impervious to external harms, it can easily injure itself if the object causing the damage is an extension of its body, such as its fingernail.

SCP-XXXX is currently severely below average intelligence, incapable of even communication with its researchers. This is due to several reasons: its sensory organs are impaired because substances such as sound, scent, taste and light are met with same resistance along with all other foreign matters; its resistance extends to ideas as well, and therefore, the entity seems to forget all information introduced to it with time. All attempts made to educate SCP-XXXX, with its cooperation as the primary goal, have so far been fruitless. Proposal has been made to have SCP-XXXX’s education be in a form of self-discovery.

Proposals have been made to use the entity as a test subject for experimentation with and observation of Keter-class SCP objects that has been unavailable with class-D personnel.

Note: Let me remind you that there cannot be cross SCP experimentations. ~ Dr. Thane

Log of Testing:

Incident XXXX-B: On ██/██/██,

Project Erysichthon: