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The main story (or the first main story) of Eschatology will follow a 4-act structure, with one act already complete (though people may still add to the first act).

Please note I may have forgotten some things here because we delayed this a LOT.

(Note that Skara Brae's stuff isn't listed here, but won't necessarily follow the structure the way the rest of our stuff will. Likely she'll write in a more unstructured fashion and we'll work it in wherever it fits.)


  • Any new stories will focus only on introducing new *central* characters who are not yet introduced. Anything else belongs in Act II or Act III, including introduction of minor characters.


Light's part thus far. Work in progress. [Note: Moose needs to proofread this already!]

  • Act II Opening: Either one mega-tale, or three-four smaller tales, Awakenings-style, going through what's happening at each major Site. ("Major" as in "relevant to the chronology") Each subsection titled with a Site name. Site-19, Site-17, etc
    • Site-19 could be split into 3 factions, with one tale covering each as an opener (or closer)
    • Some Sites should be shown being destroyed
  • Act II is focused on: The responses of the characters to the events of Act I. (Organizations, like the Foundation, count as characters.)
          • This is people trying to get their shit together, with some steps forward, some steps back.
          • The Foundation's response to the Ganymede Protocol & the ends of the world
          • 343's response to the wrenches thrown in his plans to end the world
    • As part of the Ganymede Protocol, (almost) all lines of communication between Foundation sites are CLOSED. Therefore, a number of these stories will involve Foundation personnel acting on limited information. (Friends located in different sites may be able to establish contact.)
          • The Present Administrator responds to the events of Act 1 (goal: traditional Foundation reaction — secure, contain, protect, do not ally with anomalies, aim for a return to normalcy)
          • The Past Administrator's response (goal: ending the world with the Foundation on top for the new world that comes after)
          • Some Foundation personnel / sites come to join SCP-343 — 343's response (goal: the end of the world the Foundation was lead to expect & expected to enable)
          • Sophia Light in the Library & returning (goal: allying with anomalous entities to stop the end the world)
          • Lament
  • Wave One of the world enders march across the world.
  • 343's plan to end the world is partly stymied by the Foundation's splintering because of Ganymede (343 intend to use the Foundation as his hand on Earth, which is why the O5 Council were executed — they were all under 343's power).
  • 343 chooses a replacement 4th Horseman — Pestilence. SCP-353.
  • Light and Lament — optionally, another major character & Lament
  • Act II should cover all major characters coming up with a plan to stop the ends of the world, which may be thrown for a loop at the end of the Act.
  • Light goes on a trek to get to SCP-2000, but something or someone has rendered it either dysfunctional or actively harmful.
          • We're thinking that the Old Administrator/990 has transformed SCP-2000 into a sorta pocket dimension world ending thing by combining it with other SCPs, and planned to use that to implement his plan for takeover, but it's been 'infected' or taken over by an outside force and cannot any longer be used for that purpose. Maybe it's been taken over by multiple competing world-enders? Maybe Bobble has tried to take it over and partially succeeded? Not conclusive yet. (Details — need to re-check notes)
  • Act II ends with the following reveals:
          • This is the point where we reveal big information we've been hiding — the context needed to understand what's really going on. Parting the curtain to see behind the scenes. This is the very middle of the story.
          • This includes who Lament is working for, and why he & they set off the ends of the world. (Probably revealed to central players — not necessarily all of them? Maybe? Almost certainly Light.) I'll just throw it in here, since anyone who reads thru this wall of text deserves to know: Lament is working for the Chaos Insurgency. And the Chaos Insurgency has been planning this since they were founded — they split off from the Foundation to avoid the corruption by 343 and other reality benders, and also to give the Foundation an opponent to keep it strong. The CI are made up of the original founders of the Foundation, who clashed with the Administrator and half the O5 Council; some of them may be ex-O5s. [I have a particular character in mind for one of the CI leaders, but otherwise this is basically open.] They recruited Lament for … reasons [I had a bunch, but I forget some of them] and inducted him into their ranks while raising him to the highest levels of the Foundation. Lament, if I recall the plans correctly, is either The Lament From The Terrible Future, or is our Lament with Terrible Future Knowledge. [Hell, for all I know, all the CI heads are actually the Bad Future Foundation leaders, including future Clef and Gears and such. But only Lament is required here] The Terrible Future involves the ends of the world occurring as they were supposed to occur — but by then the Foundation has become irreparably weak, and/or has developed flaws so bad they can no longer stop the world from being destroyed. Basically unsealing all the ends of the world now? That's because this is the BEST possible chance for a good outcome, for the Foundation to make this turn out the best way for the world and for themselves. So the Chaos Insurgency are heroic — surprise! [May need more justifications as to why this is the case]
          • Some of this info might not be revealed, but enough should be to understand WTF is going on to a certain extent.
          • This MAY include the information necessary to form a plan to reverse the ends of the world, if we go that direction.
          • It MAY include the key to reuniting the Foundation (and WILL include revealing precisely why it was splintered — see above w/ Lament).
  • Act II will more generally also end with everyone having figured out their new game plan to achieve their expected goals (everyone being all the characters in House Divided, including 343).
  • Act III MAY also end with the resolution for the Foundation to go public and/or them actually doing so.


  • Act III is focused on: Offense, by characters, against the problems of the plot. (Again, organizations, like the Foundation, count as characters.)
          • Here, characters implement their plans and make shit happen, going on the offensive to solve the problems of the Arc, using the new context from the end of Act II. (Either immediately, if they know immediately, or eventually, once they learn it.) And using the lessons learned from the failures or small victories of Act II.
          • This applies both to heroes, villains, and anyone in-between, including 343 (in-between) and the other world-enders — everyone's upping their game here.
          • Regardless of how specifically this plays out — this is where the Foundation, and perhaps humanity, really start to fight back against the ends of the world. Making & acting on a game plan.
          • Similarly, it's where 343 will have fully recovered from all the shit that went wrong in Act I and to a lesser extent Act II, and is enacting his own game plan.
          • …And a number of other outright villanous [or not] world-enders will also up their game, even if it's just accelerating towards success (IE destruction of the world) or reveals of even more doom. (Such as, perhaps, the Lovecraftian world-enders from Deep Space)
  • Act III ends with a final reveal.
          • Traditionally in this structure right before this occurs there will be an All Hope Is Lost point for at least the heroes if not also 343.
          • This final reveal is the final piece of info the heroes need to win. It could be the key to stopping the ends of the world, it could be the key to setting the Foundation up so they can actually legitimately fight the current world-enders and have a hope against all the horrors to come, it could be the key to ending the timeline, it could be putting the "Fix-It" plan into play but now they have to survive the climactic confrontations while the magical timer ticks down or something. Could be almost anything. Doesn't have to be the whole Foundation, but definitely the hero characters.
          • Optionally may also include something like this for 343, depending on whether we ultimately play him more as a hero (if so yes) or as a villain (if so no) or sympathetic/tragic (either way).


  • Act IV is focused on resolution & climax. No new plot threads here, unless we plan to follow them up in another story sequence.
  • Details will be more clear when we get thru Acts II & III.
  • Act IV ends with resolution:
          • 343 is stopped, sealed, won over, or succeeds in ending the world [he might have an unexpected success scenario, maybe altered from the original] — one way or another, by the end of this Act, his "end of the world" is temporarily or permanently resolved. We'll decide how.)
          • The Foundation is now in a position to either face the world-enders as an equal, and/or in a position to temporarily or currently beat back the current ends of the world, due to the actions that have been taken by the Foundation characters so far (deus ex machina fix = no — btw, I mean the storytelling device, not SCP-2000)
          • The Foundation's remaining major players get together and decide whether to join back together or to continue to operate independently (we'll need to decide). Note: This optionally may have happened already in Act III. If not, it should be addressed here if not finally resolved.
          • The timeline either ends — possibly with a Marianas Trench Scenario — or continues, with the Foundation & the major characters facing the remainder of the ends of the world, and the story open for new arcs!
          • MOST LIKELY we'll keep the story open for new material; we could even do a special format SCP style where people can contribute SCPs written in this universe (original or re-written), with the Way Things Stand At The End of Act IV being the baseline setting for writing them.

Other Questions To Work Out:

  • Will we bring in more major characters to this story sequence? Other Senior Staff?
  • If Athena_Grey & Deimos follow through with their proposed material, where will that fit in?

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