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SCP-#### in preparation for Skein-12

Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item is to be kept in a locked container with standard electronic sensors at site ██. During active state, the item is placed on the bed in the adjacent antechamber, where personnel are to enact Procedure Skein-12 until conclusion of active state occurs. Due to reduced effectiveness, electronic recordings, either audio or visual, should only be used during a highly active state where loss of life is expected. (See Skein-12 documentation for approved methods)

Any proposed additions to Procedure 12-Skein should be first brought to Dr. F███████, even if deemed sufficiently calming by researchers.

Description: SCP-#### is one gingham patterned blanket measuring 99 cm by 193 cm. Analysis of materials shows the item to be constructed of a cotton/wool mix that was common in the Midwestern Americas during 19██. Active states are in act when the external measurement of the holding container alters from its standard dimensions, or during the hours of 2100 to 0800 Mountain Time Zone, whichever occurs first.

When active, an area of 11.3 meters cubed surrounding the item slowly and continuously deforms any object within including walls, floors and personnel. Commonly this continues for an eight hour period, after which it returns to its dormant state. The affected area expands considerably if several active instances occur without action on the part of the Foundation. If Procedure Skein-12 is successfully enacted in the early active state, the area and amount of deformation is decreased significantly.

This item was brought to the attention of the Foundation after intercepting several calls made to multiple GOIs by Mr. Samael S████ pertaining to a blanket with anomalous characteristics. During interrogation, the subject described his relief at getting in contact with “someone who understands” and explained his intention to “help him [sic] till I croak.” (See Interview Log SCP-####-3C) Mr. S████ was recruited as a probationary Class-E due to extensive knowledge and experience with the anomalous item. He worked in partnership with the Foundation to help create the present containment and Skein-12 procedures until his death in 19██. Autopsy showed cause of death to be heart attack due to progressive age.