Event-000 - Dr.Clefs Report

Event Case: SCP-001

Type: Near-World Destruction Scenario (Nemo-Alpha 1)

Severity: Possible Destruction by Keter-OB Level 10


Event Desciption: ██████████ Organization is a collective, non-government agency with the aim to monitor daily threats that may cause harm to a (certain or major) Populace and the Environment. These threats are may specifically be a Political inmate, Terrorist/Leader or a Dangerous criminal with Most wanted proscription from FBI, CIA and NSA. ██████████ Organization will be and should be ensured that these threats are observed and tracked, predicting future incidents that are caused by these threats. Its motive is mandatory and has dispersed into a new organization that serve more rational function[See Addendum-Prima█████]. ██████████ Organization was later reformed, but with a completely new purpose. It was then renamed SCP foundation for Unknown reasons[See Addendum-Overseer_Level 5].

<Event-000-A, Date 12/13/████ @ █:30 pm, Evening>
A glowing bowl of light was reported near the area of ██████████, floating above the sky. Witnesses that was observing the light suddenly felt extreme headache, following a feeling of bliss as they observe and watch, witnesses also claimed that the light did not harm their eyes despite describing that its glow rivals it of the sun. The glowing light then instantly vanished after a few minutes of hovering throughout the sky. After the event had occurred, some observers also vanished including the some people at the area of ██████████ and ███████.

<Event-000-B, Date 12/13/████ @ █:39 pm, Evening>
A ominous sound was heard at the same area where the glowing bowl of light appeared, Passerby in the area described the sound as "A large Trumpet roaring in the skies". The passerby who said to have heard the sound felt massive pain in the chest and a repulsive stomach ache. The sound was recorded via a phone mic but the audio file appears to be corrupted.

<Event-000-C, Date not Recorded>
The area was annihilated by an unknown force, it seems that the area where the events had occured was struck by some sort of massive beam that encircled the area as it was engulfing it.[See Addendum-Observation_Log]
Major population from the area was all dead, The infrastructures in the town near the area was also completely burnt into dust, The hills and highlands in the area was also leveled to a flat surface.

An entity appeard later after the Event-000-C has occured. It appears to be exactly 320.04 meters tall, it has glowing wings and It was holding an unknown object(Presumably a weapon).

██████████ Organization was ordered to observe the entity 24/7 and was to own the area with a span of 10+ km area. The United Nations, US Globalized Surveillance and Government firm from countries ‎Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Kuwait had taken serious notice with an absolute Top secret information of the area, All images and documentation about the Area will be deleted, physical or digital.

Addendum-Prima█████: ██████████ Organization was later dispersed into Orthogram, the organization is composed of multimillionaire philanthropist that aims as an emergency bracket once an Apocalyptic scenario has occured. This was later changed back into ██████████ Organization when Event-000 was triggered.
Preview: The group who funded the Organization

Addendum-Orthogram: [Data Redacted]

Addendum-Overseer_Level 5: Due to Orders from O5 council, this Information was no longer shown.

Addendum-Observation_Log is Non-Existent According to SCP archive in note: SCP-001 "The Database"