sketchpad thing

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard secure storage locker on Site 8. The object is not harmful or anomalous in any way when it is not being used. Any personnel caught using SCP-XXXX for “entertainment” are to be disciplined referred to site commander for disciplinary procedures.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 150 page sketch book with an accompanying set of colored pencils. Whenever something is drawn on a page, said drawing will manifest nearby the subject who drew it (or on the subject. See experiment log). Depending on the level of detail and effort put into the drawing, the manifestation will react differently to its surroundings, any living creatures around it, and to the original subject who drew the picture. Note that when an item is drawn in a less complex sense, it will manifest in a more realistic, true to life form (IE a bicycle drawn using a few lines for the frame and two circles for wheels will appear as a realistic bicycle with complete parts when manifested). Living creatures can be drawn, but usually manifest dead and with only rigid skin and nothing underneath, presumably because the subject did not add bones or organs to their drawing. In other words, it seems that only anatomically correct drawings will result in a living manifestation. Note that only drawings that are able to be determined as a definable object or creature can be manifested, words and undefined scribbles will not result in manifestation. Also, any pictures drawn in the book will disappear once it is closed and reopened and any page torn out will lose any pictures on it and will be replaced in a day.

Addendum: Below is a test log of several experiments that were conducted after retrieval. Subject was given a specific set of instructions on what to draw. Results were recorded and all manifested objects are saved for future testing if necessary.

Subject Picture drawn Result
D11259 A glass of water Subject receives a normal, clear drinking glass, with a dark colored substance inside. Subject later says he used a gray colored pencil to draw the "water."
D77762 A basketball A basketball, standard American NBA regulation size, manifests. The ball is devoid of air.
D34512 A cell phone A touchscreen smartphone, about 17 centimeters tall and 7 centimeters wide. Phone includes a central "home button" similar to many Apple products, as per subject's drawing. Phone is unable to be turned on and no internal electronics or batteries were found upon disassembly.
D66542 Fire Subject's right sleeve catches fire as soon as he finishes his drawing and spreads across his body at an alarming rate. Subject is immolated before any action can be taken.
D12690 A female figure Subject uses a back colored pencil to sketch a female stick figure, with a scribble across and down the head for hair. A naked, but featureless, pale, human figure is manifested, dead. the figure was manifested with untidy black hair, again, as per subject drawing. An autopsy shows that there are no internal organs or bones.
D32007 A ballpoint pen A ballpoint pen is manifested, made of plastic and with a rubber grip. Contained no ink.
D32212 A human male, this time with anatomically correct organs and skeletal structure and body cavities shaded in represent skin. D32212 is a skilled artist and recreates instructed image perfectly. A naked, but this time anatomically correct, human male is manifested, who promptly screams in an unknown language. Before anything can be done, the manifestation attacks D32212 and kills him by strangulation. Manifestation attacks guards entering experiment cell and is neutralized after injuring █ guards and killing 1█ others.
D54210 [REDACTED] Seven personnel killed by subsequent manifestation, including four researchers.

Addendum 2: Please, please, PLEASE stop using this to create office supplies when you need them. Our janitorial staff is still cleaning up after the last guy who tried to make a stack of sticky notes.- Dr. Reid