Evil Toilet Paper

Item#: SCP-2208

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SPC-2208 is to be kept locked in a secure container at site FULL BLOCK in Pennsylvania. No personnel of that area are to gain access to SCP-2208 unless approved for experimentation. Use of this SCP outside of this approval is forbidden.

Description: SCP-2208 is an industrial standard 2 ply roll of toilet paper. Paper has the words THE FACTORY printed on every individual sheet and is a vanilla white color. The anomalous effect of the paper happens only if the paper comes into contact with human skin (other non-human organic lifeforms seem to not activate this effect) for a total of 3 or more seconds. The paper gains a shark skin like quality, gripping the skin causing the user mild pain. At this point attempting to remove the paper from the skin creates a tearing effect, causing a removal of the flesh from the applied area. This is recorded to be extremely painful to the victim. Healing of the affected areas is shown to be slowed from a normal regenerative rate.

Addendum: Further study has shown another anomalous property of the paper. The paper appears to have a healing factor of sorts. If the paper not exposed to the victim's skin has even a drop of the victim's blood on it, the roll will regenerate with a rate of one sheet per hour. After observation of this effect, further research into the composition of the paper was requested and approved.

Addendum 2: Close study of paper's structure has shown it to not be made from a standard wood pulp, but human tissue.

Recovery SCP-2208 was purchased at a Wal-Mart in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. FULL BLOCK FULL BLOCK checked into FULL BLOCK Hospital with major bleeding from her legs, anus, and genital areas caused by removal of the flesh of the affected areas after she used SPC-2208 half an hour before. After the SCP was acquired by agents FULL BLOCK and the staff of the hospital that worked with her were given amnesics and told the injuries were caused by severe burns from an accident involving boiling water. Paper was discovered to have been purchased in a single roll blue wrapper with the words Factory Toiletries printed on the front. There were no other distinguishing information visible. After questioning the Manager of the Wal-Mart that the SCP was purchased from denied ever ordering Toilet Paper matching that description and overview of that week's orders and shipments showed that no items matching the SCP's wrappings were ever sent or received from documented outside sources.