Evolution Remote
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Item #: SCP-1759

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1759 is to be kept in a sterilized, airtight, 1 (one) cubic meter container lined with aluminum or other material capable of completely blocking or absorbing electromagnet radiation on the infrared scale. The container is to be equipped with a coolant system to prevent thermal buildup above 25 degrees Celsius. Should the coolant system fail or become damaged, it is to be replaced or repaired within an 18 (eighteen) hour period. SCP-1759 must remain in it's contain when not being tested. SCP-1759 must remain in it's container during transport, and is only to be removed once it has reached a sterilized testing environment.

All testing is to be approved by at least 2 (two) level 3 researchers. In addition to researchers, at least 2 (two) armed personnel must be present from all tests. Before testing, researchers must submit the full list of tests to be carried out, including materials used, number of rotations or duration of rotation, and expected genetic deviance, to all guards and researchers in adjacent testing areas. Failure to follow the submitted list will result in immediate termination of testing and disciplinary action at command's discretion. All use of the shuttle dial and all testing on living SCPs requires prior O5 authorization. Failure to observe these restrictions will result in severe reprimand.

Description: SCP-1759 is a standard Mitsubishi-brand television and videocassette recorder remote control, model number 052Z. Aside from minor scratches and scuffs, SCP-1759 is identical to other remote controls of the same make and model. The majority of SCP-1759's functions can be performed normally. SCP-1759's unusual properties manifest when one attempts to use the jog or shuttle dials at the bottom of the remote. When the infrared transmitter is pointed at a living organism, manipulating the jog or shuttle dials will cause the organism to begin mutating. The rate of mutation depends on how the dials are manipulated.

The nature of the mutation can vary based on the target organism. The most consistent results have been obtained from gamete-producing organisms. Rotating the jog dial counter-clockwise will cause the target's genetic structure to regress to forms of ancestral DNA at approximately 100 generations per rotation per second. Rotating the jog dial clockwise will cause the target to take on characteristics of it's gametes at approximately the same rate. In non-gamete-producing organisms, mutation resembles that of extensive horizontal gene transfer and random mutation. Rotating the shuttle dial yields similar results, albeit at an exponentially-increasing rate.

The Foundation was alerted to the existence of SCP-1759 when police began receiving reports of feral wolves at the residence of an elderly individual. The individual had unknowingly been exposing their domesticated canines to the effects of SCP-1759, causing the majority of them to regress to a common ancestor in their evolutionary history. Due to a manufacturing defect, the shuttle dial will not properly return to the resting position, but may drift slightly in either direction, causing drastic mutation of any organisms that remain in the infrared transmitter's line of sight for extended periods. All attempts to correct this defect have so far been unsuccessful.

Attempts to determine how SCP-1759 affects subjects on a genetic level is not yet understood. Inspection of SCP-1759's individual components shows no abnormalities. SCP-1759 will only manifest it's properties when it is fully assembled. Interestingly enough, while the majority of SCP-1759 will not function when it's batteries are removed, the jog and shuttle dials remain operative.