Foam padding exploded into the wall, coating the lower corner in a way that would make cleaning crews cry. A perfect shot, just above the knee, next to the bone so as to cause minimal lasting damage. Enough to incapacitate any human.

I'm not dealing with normal humans.

Another shot fired, base of the skull, puncturing the throat, but not the spine.

Not enough.

Shin signed and slammed the button next to him, glared at the new target and fired three shots to its temple.

too slow.

A growl of frustration emanated from him, though unnoticed by him, he threw down his weapon, a standard issue handgun, and picked up an automatic alternative, an Uzi perhaps. Shin was never good at naming modern weaponry. He levelled the ironsights, and let loose the weapon on the padded kneecaps in front of him, only stopping when the mannequin toppled over onto the floor, causing him to blink in surprise, a click from the tool informed Shin that he had spent the magazine.

not enough control.

One fluid motion saw fresh ammunition loaded into the gun, and it was levelled again at a new target. Holes appeared on both legs, low down so as to knock over the stood target, and by the time it has hit the ground, seven bullets lined the synthetic spine.

too slow.

Another magazine, another target, another damn from Shin.