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Item #: SCP-2723

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2723 is to be stored in a containment locker at Site ██ when not in use. SCP-2723 is to be transported to and from its locker only by personnel of at least Level 3 wearing protective gloves. Testing with D-class personnel is prohibited (see Document XXXX-II), and all testing with SCP-2723 must be approved by at least two (2) members of site command. Testing is to take place in a room lined with reinforced steel under high surveillance.

Description: SCP-2723 is a hollow stone sphere with numerous engravings of what appear to be moths carved around the entire object. SCP-2723 has twelve (12) holes in it, penetrating through the entirety of its surface, that are hexagonal in shape. The inside of SCP-2723 is unmarked. SCP-2723 is 7.28 cm in diameter and can fit within the grasp of most hands comfortably.

When SCP-2723 is held and makes direct contact with a subject's skin, the subject will immediately feel a noticeable change in perception of balance and gravity, usually resulting in a drunken-like stride when carried. SCP-2723's primary anomalous properties only become apparent when a subject holding SCP-2723 lets go of the sphere, attempting to place it down on any surface.

In this instant, the sphere will take on a color of bright jade-like green. Any and all blemishes upon the stone's surface will mend themselves, and the inside of the sphere will begin to emit a dim light that shifts in color gradually over time. After approximately thirty seconds, the color will shift to a bright blue and a being will manifest itself attached to the orb, grasping it in its palm.

This entity, referred to as SCP-2723-1, is 0.74 m in height when standing and is composed of a mixture of red scaly flesh and volcanic glass. SCP-2723-1 has two bright yellow eyes, approximately 2 cm in diameter, and a mouth located in the center of its face, stretching from one side to the other. Inside the mouth the subject has a large amount of small, serrated teeth, and a thick forked tongue measuring 10 cm in length. On top of the subject's round head are five horns, one larger than the other four, and two batlike ears that are heavily damaged. The subject has hands that are large with sharp black nails extending from each of its six fingers, and feet that resemble the hooves of many species of ovis aries. The lower legs of SCP-2723-1 are covered in a coarse black fur. Protruding from the upper spine of SCP-2723-1 are two small wings exhibiting heavy damage and on the lower spine of SCP-2723-1 there is a long prehensile tail with a spade shaped tip. Usually, SCP-2723-1 has shown a preference to either crouch or stand with a hunched over posture.

SCP-2723-1 appears to have a great understanding of many human languages, and can be observed occasionally rhyming its words or, on occasion, speaking in riddles.