Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-# is to be kept locked in a spherical room composed of carbon and copper, as this is the only material combination to date that dampens the effects of the subject. The sphere should be 1m thick with 15m of space outstretched around it. Under no circumstance are personnel to come into contact with the subjects containment sphere or come within 20m. Any personnel who have come into contact with the sphere are to be brought to medical immediately, and any extremity that comes into contact with the containment sphere must be immediately amputated in less than 30 minutes from contact. If the personnel fails to have extremity amputated in time, the personnel should be drowned immediately, as this is the only method in which to stop the process that SCP-# begins.

Description: SCP-# is a dark crimson stone in the shape of an ordinary rock, of which irradiates a faint heat. Upon any organic sentient being coming within 20m will feel a faint warmth in the torso. At 15m, the feeling intensifies and becomes an irritation similar to heartburn. At 10m, the feeling becomes agonizing, similar to being burned from the inside out, and the effects from SCP-# begin to manifest inside the body. At 5m, the pain disappears and is replaced with euphoria. When touched the object darkens and turns completely black until released. After this point, the subject will feel a slowly growing warmth from their torso.

After 5 minutes, the same warmth felt from the object at 20m will be felt in any part of the body that came within 10m of SCP-#.

After 10 minutes, the subject will feel substantial heat coming from the heart and torso, but will not feel any pain.

After 20 minutes, the heat will be felt by anyone near the subject, subject will still experience no pain.

After 35 minutes, the subject will begin to irradiate a very strong heat that will melt any non-metal.

After 45 minutes, the subject will begin irradiating a heat that will melt any object that is not made of a combination of copper and Carbon.

After one hour, the subject will then detonate, causing enough force to destroy steel that is 1m thick.

After three days, the subject will then be found untouched among the ashes, with the strong urge to come into contact with SCP-#, repeating the process indefinitely.

Any questioning or attempts to converse with the subject is futile, as it will not respond.

SCP-# seems ineffective to any known living SCP objects and can be approached and touched by any SCP. SCP-# is to only be moved by SCP-073 and under no circumstance should any other SCP be allowed to come into contact with it. SCP-# is highly classified and should never be mentioned around any SCP besides SCP-073. Violation will result in immediate termination as this item could be used as a weapon.

SCP-# was found on September ██ 20██ in ███, Mumbai. Reports from a local police station stated an explosion came from a small rural neighborhood, with no found remains inside, though occupants were present. The Foundation became aware after the police station reported that they were unable to investigate due to officers experiencing extreme discomfort when near the location of incident. Three days after the explosion, another detonation occurred at the same location, which occurred after residence reported hearing a load scream. Few personnel were lost in the recovery of SCP-#, however, after the subjects returned from the ashes, subjects were confined. Subjects are considered to be SCP-#-1, SCP-#-2, SCP-#-3, and SCP-#-4, however, they are still affected by SCP-#'s ability.