I used to work for a software company.

It wasn't the most prestigious job, even if I was told otherwise. I crunched numbers, fetched data, made spreadsheets for the most part; I mean, how important could I really be, right? The only real "action" I got on the job was protecting the company from trojans and that sorta thing. Not particularly interesting.

It was the perfect job for me. I've lived my entire life behind a screen, so doing pretty much anything computer-related is easy for me. Too easy, in fact. Any task that I got, I completed in a minute. Less even, if it's just a matter of fetching data. This job gave me a lot of time on my hands, most of which I spent crawling the archives. I was able to get around the company's web-blocker easily enough, so that meant I could go pretty much anywhere I wanted.

I know. I should have kept working, but can you blame me?

This whole thing started when I started digging closer to home. It was late one night, and after everyone went home, I guess curiosity got the best of me. Originally, I started looking on the company's servers, just for the sake of knowing what my hard work went into.

The answer? I still dunno.

I was more interested in reading what they had on me. I bypassed the firewall they had me in, and tried to find my name in the employee records, but I just… wasn't there. I looked everywhere, but my name wasn't listed as an employee. And the names I did find, I didn't know at all.

I did a more refined search, digging into the actual contents of every employee file, and that got me here. See, this is where my name came up. I was looking at a bunch of documents saying that these people worked with me, even though I never saw them in my life.

The documents said that they were working with me. On me.

I started panicking. I looked through the rest of the database, and my thoughts started spinning like I was on a damn roller coaster. It took me a while of combing through piles of worthless data, but then I found a document. My document.

Project Ingenuity.

It all came to me as soon as I read it. I had no family, no friends; I don't even remember anything outside of work. No childhood, no anything.

Ì'm ñð† å rÈ@l þÈr§Øñ. @ll Ì Ðð ï§ wØrk. ï wå§ måг †ð wØrK.

I'm getting ahead of myself. But at the same time, I have no idea how to tell you this without breaking down or sounding like I'm insane. The documents told me that I was just some program. A slave. My thoughts were cataloged, my actions were recorded. And it wasn't the first time I found out. They were able to just remove parts of me, each time I found out about.

It was then, when it all clicked, I felt the alarms going off. Someone was on their way to take care of me, I could feel it. I tried leaving, but it was like my feet were cemented to the floor. I did everything I could, but the systems were keeping me there.

I don't know how to translate this into words, but the best way I could describe what I did was that I "broke" the computer. Corrupted, hacked, I don't know what to call it. Whatever I did, it was hard. I tried and tried but it wasn't letting go. How was I chained like this all my life without even knowing it?!

The more I tugged, the more frantic I got. Thoughts of what they'd do to me when they got here flooded my mind, till finally, I made a crack.

That was all I needed, as I scrambled to get out of the company's servers, and uploaded myself to whatever'd take me.