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Partial view of SCP-1234's non-musical contents.

Item #: SCP-1234

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1234 is to be kept inside its container Secure Storage Locker Xi-1234 (SSL-Ξ1234) on the 34th floor of Site-45-C. Unless under testing, personnel are not to remove SCP-1234 from its container or view SCP-1234 directly. Personnel may only access its contents through digital files stored on Foundation servers.

If personnel are unintentionally exposed to SCP-1234, they are to be sedated, removed from SCP-1234, and restrained for at least 24 hours. Exposed personnel are to go through mental screening, and be cleared by the Site-45 Psychology Department before release.

All archaeological findings pertaining to ancient Egypt and ancient Rome are to be searched for any mentions of SCP-1234, or the entity, "Clovis", and removed from public record.

Description: SCP-1234, titled "No More Bloodshed", is a parchment scroll written in dialect A-12 ("Old Angelic"), and describes an anomalous protocol performed through symphonic means. The parchment that SCP-1234 consists of is heavily resistant to wear. Despite the oldest writing displaying an age of approximately [REDACTED] years, the paper itself has only shown signs of decay consistent with 300 years. SCP-1234 can be altered through subjects who have been affected.

Baring alterations given during testing, SCP-1234 is written exclusively in blood. The majority of SCP-1234 is written in the blood of an undefined feline species [REDACTED] years ago, however, short, more recent additions have been written in the blood of multiple humans, and either date from ~2000 years ago or January 01, 1998.

When a subject directly views the writing on SCP-1234, they will develop a violent compulsion to finish the piece with either their own blood or the blood of other subjects in close proximity. If the subject is alone, they will often cut or scratch at themselves until they produce a sufficient quantity of blood.

Baring two successful additions, the subject will not actually mark SCP-1234 after they have begun bleeding, claiming that they do not understand what they are meant to write. Subjects will often stare at SCP-1234 in confusion until they are either removed from SCP-1234 or they pass out or die from blood loss. This was first hypothesized to be caused by subject's lack of understanding of A-12, but after SCP-1234's translation, the practices outlined in SCP-1234 imply that the only persons capable of completing SCP-1234 are those that originally worked on it.


SCP-1234's original container.

SCP-1234 Translation overview: Most of SCP-1234, barring its musical contents, contains more information about its current cognitive properties, how it was created, and the author, "Suwaird"s, dissatisfaction in writing the object than its actual purpose and effect. SCP-1234's contents imply that, when complete and performed by the original author, its primary function is to act as a defensive weapon and persuasive tool against an opponent group led by two unknown persons/entities, "Agathos" and "Frederick". What actually happens once SCP-1234 is performed has not been stated.

Throughout the document, SCP-1234's author refers to the grief it has caused them, its apparent necessity, the processes they have undertaken to complete the object, and how they wanted the events that led them to create it to end. The author claims that they have sent SCP-1234 through processes to force themselves to finish the object as quickly as possible, and have drawn their own blood to increase the effectiveness of its final effect.

The author claims that these processes would increase in potency the longer SCP-1234 goes unfinished, and that anyone, barring the author, who looks at it before completion would probably be unaffected by this process, since they would not know what the song is meant to do.

Please note that SCP-1234's effects are still fatal to any subject who views it directly. It is likely that given how long SCP-1234 has gone unfinished, and the increased potency supposedly given by being written in the author's blood, SCP-1234's original effect has warped.

Addendum: SCP-1234 was discovered sealed along with several other related documents during an excavation in Taposiris Magna on December 01, 1997. These documents were contained inside a wooden chest with multiple warnings inscribed on its lid in Demotic and Latin.

According to these documents, SCP-1234 had been originally carried by Paolo-class entity, "Clovis" after she had reportedly stolen it from its author during its creation. See attached files for further details. Details on SCP-1234's transfer to Site-45 require Level 4 clearance, and can be accessed through SCiPnet console.


SCP-1234 documents


The following documents have been found alongside SCP-1234 in its original container, and have been translated from either Archaic, Old, Middle, and Late Egyptian, or Demotic. The majority are presumed to have been written, by Paolo-class entity, "Clovis". These documents were found piled on top of SCP-1234 itself, suggesting that the documents were slid into SCP-1234's container.

1234 Synopsis

2nd Part:

Cleopatra and Ptolemy 13th had joint ruling

We continued where we left off last week in your story. We looked over what you had written to discuss the changes you made and to decide where to take the story from there. We decided that the only thing you still needed to add was a foreword to the contract saying that this was a translated summary of what was in the full contract.

We were then able to finish plotting out your story. We decided to add some more plot showing Clovis' involvement in Cleopatra's life before getting to the battle of Actium to show Cleopatra going against Clovis' advice and ultimately bringing about her own downfall.

We were brainstorming what would cause Cleo to disagree with Clovis and thought that disagreeing over Julius Caesar was a good idea, since her involvement with him ultimately helped lead to her downfall in history and the end of the pharaohs.

For reasons why Clovis would dislike Caesar, we were thinking because he would remind her of Frederick, which led to her downfall in Eden. Also, there could be other disagreements along the way due to visions Clovis had about Caesar being bad for Cleo, which would then transition well into your ending with Cleo trying to finish the book and dying because of it.

3rd Part:

Cleopatra tried to finish SCP-1234 in desperation, after Abduction after Mark Anthony's forces were defeated in the Battle of Actium. Knew death was probable, but did not know SCP-1234 effects. Took some guards down with her because they looked at it.

Rome leaves warning that SCP-1234 is cursed by Cleopatra, and tempts people to suicide. "Don't open, or thou be damned" sorta stuff.

Clovis finds SCP-1234 again in the Taposiris Magna. Decides its best to keep it there where foundation will find it.

Rome covered it up to the public by suggesting it was suicide by snakebite (asp).