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SCP-1234 workstation upon discovery

Item #: SCP-1234

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The property (Site-45-G) containing SCP-1234 has been purchased by the Foundation, and the original residents have been evacuated under the guise of the building posing an asbestos hazard. Civilians interested in living at Site-45-G are to be told it is at maximum capacity, and that it is not accepting new residents. Only Foundation employees are permitted to live in Site-45-G.

SCP-1234 is to remain empty of residents. Speaking while inside SCP-1234 is not recommended, and giving commands (given to SCP-1234 or otherwise) are prohibited, unless under testing conditions or recontainment. SCP-1234's room number is 409.

SCP-1234-1 is to be stored in Secure Holding Locker 1234-1 (SHL 1234-1). SCP-1234-1 does not require food or any basic necessities for its survival or maintenance, and is to be considered an object.

Unlike SCP-1234-1, SCP-1234-2 instances do require sustenance, must be maintained, and are to be considered comatose persons. If Foundation personnel inadvertently become an SCP-1234-2 instance, termination will be left to the discretion of their Preferential Incident Reference File (PIRF).

SCP-1234-3 is a cognito-hazard, and should not be viewed. If SCP-1234-3 is left exposed, SCP-1234, SCP-1234-1, or any SCP-1234-2 instances are to be given any commands nessesary to obscure it.

Description: SCP-1234 is an autonomous studio apartment located in Las Vegas1. SCP-1234 consists of a workstation, a bed, a kitchen area, and a bathroom, all of which are cluttered with litter. Most of SCP-1234's appliances are no longer independently functional, and require SCP-1234 to use. SCP-1234 is capable of receiving and interpreting commands, and manipulating objects via unknown means.

SCP-1234-1 and anything given the SCP-1234-2 designation are living bodies that are under the influence of SCP-1234. SCP-1234-1, formerly Kit Sawyer, was the original inhabitant of SCP-1234, and does not appear to age, require nourishment, or seem capable of dying. SCP-1234-2 instances do not share these properties, and given information found in SCP-1234-1's computer, it is suspected that these properties did not originate with SCP-1234.

If any are given a command, SCP-1234, SCP-1234-1, or SCP-1234-2 will carry it out to the best of its ability. However, if they are unable to complete, or if they fail to interpret a command, they will not act on it. SCP-1234, SCP-1234-1, and SCP-1234-2 are not capable of independent thought or retaining information, but appear to be mentally linked to each other. If a command is given to any singular instance, every other instance will act as if having received that command, regardless of whether or not they would have been capable of hearing it.

SCP-1234-3 is [DATA EXPUNGED], with its biomass composed of

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