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Item #: SCP-XXXX Level 4/XXXX
Object Class: Euclid Classified


Special Containment Procedures: A monitoring site is to be constructed around the trees containing SCP-XXXX manned by agents and researchers dressed as loggers. Several gates warning of dangerous wildlife, logging activity, and radioactive waste are to be maintained in an area encircling the site by no less than 15 miles. All agents outside of the gate are to actively monitor for attempted trespassing and notify any people of inherent danger in the area. Class 2 Amnestics are authorized on any member of the public who enters the exclusion zone, along with a cover story of how they were lost hiking and returned to civilization by park rangers. Several key points in and around the Pine Barrens are to be maintained as satellite sites and manned with one Mobile Recon Team and one Monitoring Team each. These mobile command centers are to be disguised as either hunting lodges for within the forest or gas stations for those outside, each with subterranean levels for staff lodging and work areas. All staff must be dressed in area appropriate clothing whenever entering or exiting these centers.

MTF Teams 414 "Jersey Devils" and 890 "Mantis Men" are to be stationed in Site-3763 outside Egg Harbor for immediate deployment if any instances reach past the exclusion zone. Rumors on all cryptids, not just those native to New Jersey, are to be continually circulated on online forums and magazines by media teams in order to maintain their status as urban legends. The magazine "Weird NJ," which is owned and operated by the Foundation, is to circulate these rumors en masse while giving false and inaccurate statements regarding the nature and locations of any and all sightings. Any SCP-XXXX-A instances that exit the wormhole are to be immediately apprehended for study. Hostile or escaped entities may be dealt with with lethal force as a last resort. Cover stories for any potential sightings are included in Document Z, amnestics are approved for any witnesses in urban or suburban areas.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an extra-dimensional wormhole located in the Pine Barrens, New Jersey nearby the town of Woodbine. The wormhole is normally inert, and passage through has so far proven to be unfeasible. Occasionally a life form (SCP-XXXX-A) will walk through the anomaly and immediately survey its surroundings (the time between manifestations has never been less than 12 days and has never exceeded 4 months.) Instances of SCP-XXXX-A vary wildly in organic makeup, shape, size, intelligence, and hostility (See attached table.)

SCP-XXXX-A entities are responsible for a sizeable portion of "cryptid" sightings in and around Central and South New Jersey. Before the Foundation assumed containment of SCP-XXXX, it is believed that as many as thirteen of these entities were released into the surrounding area. Most SCP-XXXX instances are highly self reliant and private and the risk of public discovery is estimated to be less than ██%. Two instances are suspected to still be living in the Pine Barrens due to occasional sightings. Attempts to track and capture are ongoing.

SCP-XXXX-B (Kraig Kretchit) is an entity believed to be of extra-dimensional origin responsible for the transfer of SCP-XXXX-A instances through the portal. The exact nature of the entity is unknown at this time.

Sample Table of SCP-XXXX-A Instances
(See Table 4-V for full list.)

SCP-XXXX-A Instances Description
SCP-XXXX-A-1 Vaguely drakonid entity with horse head, long claws, and a wingspan of over twelve feet. Measured at roughly thirty feet long. Considered to among the first SCP-XXXX-A instances released due to prevalence and longevity of sightings. Prefers extreme solitude, will meet with deadly hostility if disturbed. Responsible for the deaths of 2 MTF agents sent to retrieve it. Likely origin of the "Jersey Devil" mythos. Uncontained, presumed to be alive.
SCP-XXXX-A-2 Humanoid entity with insectoid eyes and wings. Instance's chemical makeup is non terrestrial. Non-sapient. Extremely docile. Recovered shortly after the Foundation assumed control of SCP-XXXX. In containment at Site-3673.
SCP-XXXX-19 Centipede-like organism with DNA matching that of Arachis hypogaea (common peanut.) Highly aggressive. Terminated on site.
SCP-XXXX-24 Humanoid ape-like creature. Instance walked out of portal seemingly expecting resistance, and utilized advanced cover and combat techniques to resist capture. Seemingly sapient and intelligent. Escaped, considered alive and hostile. Relation, if any, to SCP-1000 is under investigation.


On Dec 14th, 20██ a note was attached to an SCP-XXXX-A instance leaving the portal. The note is believed to come from SCP-XXXX-B.