description: SCP-XXXX is an anomalous learning framework created and developed by Gabriel Andago. SCP-XXXX is based off a variety of learning theories and philosophical trains of thought1 and includes a set of regular and esoteric methods such as meditation, visualization techniques, Oneironautics, exposure to designed memetic agents2, etc. (for a complete list of involved procedures, please refer to document XXXX).

When SCP-XXXX is properly executed with suitable subjects (hereafter designated SCP-XXXX-1), they become able to anomalously acquire information and knowledge in a structured manner.


It was a Dark and stormy night; however, on the inside, nothing but a low, almost static hum could be heard. Walking through the corridors of a place that by all standards looked and felt like a massive hospital didn’t help either, as its inherent cold temperature along with the ever present hum could freeze even the hell above. Despite that, a sensory clue was missing: the chemical smell of iodine hiding the subtle stink of rotting blood. Instead, the placed smelled impossibly like Never Visited Before.

Cal didn’t know anything about that. Actually, they simply didn’t even care about it. Their nostrils were numb with recent experiences, and they struggled as much as they could to keep these sensations exist for a few more moments. In the left hand, they was holding a black briefcase, handcuffed to their wrist. All of Cal’ jacket was burnt on the back and their gray pants had reddish brown lines running across them erratically, which could be traced back to tiny holes in their naked torso. Even though their pace was slow, their steps were strong and thoroughly well thought. There was a purpose; a path that had been followed and was finally reaching its destination.

Time passed. The corridor bifurcated from time to time. Sometimes to the right, left, left, and right again. Cal eventually found a straight staircase which took over an hour to go upstairs only to find an almost sadistically crafted spiral staircase that sucked 2 full hours of their life to almost literally climb. The hum never grew nor decreased at any given point. Sometimes, Cal thought of songs that could go along with the rain. They tried to remember the Silent Hill 2 music, but was unable to locate that piece of information within their memory. Then, Cal found themself inadvertently looking for patterns in the sound. Immediately, Cal stopped dead in their tracks, ran as fast and they could towards the furthest wall and smashed their head as hard as they could. It was not too late. Only two letters had been snatched away and C decided that it was all that they needed anyways. Still, some remark seemed necessary so now it should be C… No, be it C.

There was not much time left. C hurried, heading straight to the only place in need to be found. Another important feature of this place is that up until this moment, C had not yet seen a single door. There were only the washed granite floor, white ceramic walls and white ceilings which seemed to provide light despite being no light bulb present at all.

As they hurried, their body started to trigger several alarms calling out their attention towards its current condition. C answered that the world was still spinning just fine despite being way more damaged and it was (probably) not complaining about it. The body did not take the excuse and increased its demands of resting at the same time C’ knee made a gross sound when it bent to the wrong way. The sound of rain had begun to increase as they kept advancing. C took the briefcase, which was hanging from their wrist until that moment, with the two remaining pinky and ring fingers. The sound of Dark and stormy night was increasing; some thunder-like sounds began to break across the rain. Ten minutes of jerky power walking later they could see a sign saying [EXPUNGED]. The corridor stopped bifurcating and it was now curving to a four, fifth, and finally sixth dimensional axis. It was then when C finally saw the end of the corridor, leading to the Door. There were only twenty more meters between C and the Door. C’ briefcase, hot and twitching savagely, confirmed that this wasn’t yet another illusion. The Dark and stormy night booming was almost unbearable now.

For ten seconds, all of C’ willpower faded and they began to crumble like a husk beneath the pressure of a thousand ending worlds. After that moment of weakness, C composed themself, took their hand to their breast pocket and took out a white keycard with a symbol of two concentric circles and three arrows pointing inwards printed in it. They then proceeded to insert it, with some effort, to the twitchy briefcase with their right hand. The briefcase suddenly stopped moving and swapped its dark color for a brilliant, iridescent tone.

After all their preparations were done, C took a deep breath. The Dark and stormy night had stopped its thunders, however, the static rain was still deafening, but it didn’t matter. It was finally time to cross the Door and reach their final destination.

“Are you leaving already?” I said. My voice was easily heard, as if overlapping any other noise in the corridor.

“What? Who ar… Wh-Why are you here and not in the other side of the door?” They asked me. Their voice muffled by the noise, but still perfectly clear.

“I am your destination, but what is after the Door is just for the Passenger.” C doesn’t seem to understand at first. I honestly don’t blame her.

“Wait a goddamned minute! Are you telling me that, after all that has hap… after all that did not even fucking happened, this is all there is for me? Is this supposed to subvert the catharsis or some shit like that?”

“Look, despite what you think, I am so happy that this is finally happening. Neither you nor I have any control of where the Door leads to, and I needed to be in front of you and talk to you and explain everything. This is for the best, and I am proud beyond belief.”

“Y-You” cracks at first, “you had no right to do this to me. I have sacrificed absolutely EVERYTHING for this.”

“There is no past and definitely not future for you C.”

“Don’t call me that. Give it back. Give my fucking name back! Give me my story, give me my gender. Look at my fucking body and tell me what I am right now!”

“Not even I can’t.” I answer. It’s not like I didn't want to, but it was like that from the beginning. I have no heart to tell her that.

“I can see it, you know that, right?”


“I can see what you’re saying. Maybe it’s because we are in Six D; maybe it’s another thing, but you’re the one leading this, right? They take out a Gun. They was not supposed to have that, but they points it toward me.

“Listen, you don’t have to be like that. As I said, I am here to explain everything-“ “NO! You just want to keep building over your mess and I’m not letting you do that!”

“Okay, then. Let’s take a few steps back and start all over again, okay? After all, she wants answers. She doesn’t really want to shoot. I could not give her the answers she crave so much. In fact, her gun has n

“I don’t think you understood me that well. Probably I should state something: BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! See? That’s much better, I think. God, my body hurts so much.”

“Well, it seems that I can’t keep going unless I figure a few things out. Then I walk to the door and leave the fuck out of here…"


Now, I take a few steps towards the body and I look at it with contempt. “Oh, that works.” The man is six feet tall, tanned skin, dark hair, thick reading glasses with a hole in the right side, which keeps going down the left eye into the brain. Other five holes randomly located in the man chest begin to overflow with blood.

After that, I heal my injuries… My injuries are healed… My injuries no longer exist…

I put six more bullets into my pistol and I empty it into the man’s face.

I decide to take a rest. The pain little by little vanished, at the same time as the Dark and stormy night goes away, leaving the corridor finally silent. I can hear my thoughts. I am C, but I think I used to have a name. I used to have more than that, but it’s forever lost. I realize that my existence no longer have any meaning.

I smile. My past life probably sucked a lot to end up here anyways. I drop the gun and I start to tap the colorful briefcase with my right hand. I can give me a whole new name, but what should I choose? I should probably keep the C. I register my figure to find a clue of what to choose. Charlie or Charlotte. I like them both. I pick Charlotte because I can use both of them.

I standup and I head straight to the Door. It reflects the same colors of the briefcase. I would make the choose, but now I get to understand that it’s not up to me. Well, I will fix that another time.

I push the Door and enter...