Faut's sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXXX-J

Object Class: Immature

Special Containment Procedures: All Foundation personnel are to be briefed on the nature of SCP-XXXX-J, and attend Dr Kosmo’s seminar on how to not be a childish fucking twat.

Anyone caught using any strain of SCP-XXXX-J despite these thorough-as-fuck procedures are to be subjected to intense humiliation because they can’t listen to instructions like a proper fucking adult.

Description: SCP-XXXX-J is the phrase “██████ ████ ███ ████”. It is usually pulled out of someone’s ass after one makes something that can be considered to be a sexual innuendo, even if it’s unintentional. fuck you Jared It has been found to cause a flurry of negative emotions upon 1000% of sensible adults, which effectively makes the rest of the people who laugh at this shit a fucking manchild.

Addendum 6969-1a: I don’t get why this is even assigned as an SCP. It’s pretty funny, if I do say so. Is this about that time where you were waiting for me- ~ Dr Jared

Addendum 6969-1b: Watch your words, Jared. Depending on what you say from now on, I can have you choose between a 0.1 or a 0.5. Both hurt equally. ~ Dr Kosmo