Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

It is to be kept in a vacuum sealed, temperature controlled metal box on site ██

Any personnel looking to conduct tests on the SCP are required to wear flame retardant equipment and any personal belongings are to be put in a storage container outside the testing area.


It is a small pile of kindling, indistinguishable from any other kindling except for the fact that any fire started from this pile of kindling will reconstruct on any object that has been burnt. If something that is not damaged due to fire is exposed to the fire, it will catch fire but no damage will be done to the object and the fire will not spread past the initial point.

It does not need fuel to keep burning and unlike traditional fire it does not produce heat.

The special properties of the fire persist even after it has been moved off the original pile, however any new kindling exposed to the fire will not produce anomalous fire.

Despite, the fire not producing heat or showing any signs of being hot, if room temperature exceeds 35°C the kindling will start to ignite.


Dr. █████████ Test Log:

Input: 1kg of ash from a 2kg block of wood.

Output: A 2kg block of wood identical to the original.

Time taken: 40 minutes.

Input: 2 piles of ash each weighing 20g. The piles of ash were produced from the same chair.

Output: 2 chairs identical to the original chair.

Time taken: 24 hours.

Input: 1g of ash from a cardboard box

Output: A cardboard box, identical to the original.

Time taken: 203 minutes.

Researcher's note: It is unclear where it gets the mass to reproduce the original object from such a small quantity of ash.

Input: 1g of ash from a cardboard box produced from the fire with 1g of ash from the original.

Output: 1g of ash.

Time taken: 0 seconds.

Researcher's note: The fire wouldn't start. It seems to not be able to reconstruct things from the ashes of what it has previously reconstructed.

Input: 30kg of ash from D-2313's incinerated corpse.

Output: A corpse resembling D-2313

Time taken: 30 hours.

Researcher's note: The body had been incinerated after D-2313's death. Testing concluded that this was D-2313's body, or at least one that matched it exactly.

Input: 50kg of ash from D-3340's incinerated corpse.

Output: A ████ ██ █████████ █████.

Time taken: 55 hours.

Researcher's note: Any future tests done on human subjects should be done on bodies that have been incinerated after death to avoid further incidents of this nature.