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Item #: 9876

(Notice: "9876" is a placeholder number so as to not steal someone else's SCP number unknowingly. This would be a series IV SCP) (If it wasn't DISCONTINUED)
(Don't look at it it's ugly)
(yer've been warnd)

Object Class: [REDACTED]

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-9876 is to be held within a 30m x30m x30m enclosure

Personnel that may believe in SCP-9876's ability to breach containment are to be kept unaware of SCP-9876's existence.

Should SCP-9876 be believed to have escaped containment, Dr. ██████, Dr. ██████████, and O5-██ are to be alerted to the situation as soon as possible.
Any instances of SCP-9876-1 are to be administered class C amnestics.

Class-D personnel approaching SCP-9876 must be [REDACTED] or otherwise as testing dictates1.


Addendum: To whom it may concern; SCP-9876 is an anomalous, but otherwise standard #2 hexagonal yellow pencil produced by ██████████ Inc. measuring 0.17m x 0.006m x0.006m, showing minor signs of use around the tip and the eraser. The ferrule is somewhat bent out of shape. SCP-9876 is to continue containment due to its unusual property to output ~12 watts of alpha radiation, also known as 1,200 rads. SCP-9876 will be relocated to a 0.5m x 0.5m x 0.5m concrete cell with no observatory windows after 6 days of writing (9/██/2020). Any and all requests to observe SCP-9876 are denied indefinitely.
- O5-██