[[tab Paradox Boxes]]


Item #: SCP-3996

Object Class:Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3996-1 and SCP-3996-2 are to be stored in a 1 meter by 1 meter container made of steel and must be placed side-by-side. This box is to be put in a safe in the office of Dr. [Redacted].

Description: SCP-3996-1 and SCP-3996-2 are two identical 12 centimeter by 12 centimeter by 4 centimeter tin containers. These containers have an appearance to be intended for the storage of breath mints. These tins will constantly fit perfectly inside one another, despite being identical in size. Tests have proven that SCP-3996-1 can contain SCP-3996-2 entirely and have the lid be placed atop it, and vice-versa. These boxes were found on the home of Ms. [Redacted] on the date of XX/XX/XXXX.
[[tab Living Tank]]
Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in garage lot #6 in storage #X. A disabling plug is to be placed in each weapon, and the treads are to be locked.
Description: SCP-XXXX initially has the appearance of a U.S. T-22 tank. However, similarly to SCP-0127 (codename "The Living Gun"), it has an armored shell around an organism. Furthermore, the tank has an operable interior, which can be used similarly to the T-22. The main turret fires a round composing of: a 75 nanometer she'll made of a marrow-like substance, 1 liter of a sticky, poisonous substance in the cap, and a water composition filling the rest of the shell. The .50 caliber fires bullets similar to SCP-0127, with similar properties, except that is lives off of SCP-XXXX's main life system. The motor is a system in which a driveshaft has offsets where there is muscle attached. It almost appears that SCP-XXXX grew inside of a T-22, but this was proven false as the tank was never manufactured, according to its serial number. SCP-XXXX gains it's sustenance from average Diesel fuel.
Test #1 report
Damage test
Agent Henry Rhyders
After damaging the outer armor, blood of an unidentified specimen streamed out of the hole. After 1.6 hours, the hole had healed and the armor had reformed around it. No blemishes had been left within it, and the armor had been repainted. Whilst the armor was damaged, moans could be heard, followed by hissing.
Test #2 report
Field test
Trained United States soldiers (4) (Note: these soldiers were not informed of the SCP program or the tank's status)
The engine, when started, produced a churning sound, or as said by General [Redacted], "… sounded like stirring spaghetti". Firing the main turret made a loud clicking sound, and almost immediately replaced the round, which produced a moan. Firing the .50 caliber machine gun produced a sound also much like clicking. Rotationo of the turret produced a moan. The main round penetrated a large block of ballistic gel to approximately 500 meters deep.

This tank was retrieved on the date of XX/XX/XXXX by the U.S. military following the battle of [Redacted]. It was seized by SCP forces after constant reports of bleeding, moaning, and extreme amounts of torque. DNA tests of each of the rounds solid parts are an identical match to SCP-0178. This is to be further studied.
[[tab A Regular Highschooler]]

Item #: SCP-3591

Object Class:Safe

Containment procedures: SCP-3591 is virtually uncontainable and therefore Site-1837x was built around the building formerly known as ████████ High School in ████████, Wyoming.

Description: SCP-3591 is a Caucasian human at a height of 5.75m who matches the description of Matthew Eriks, a student of ████████ High School in the class of 199█ who had disappeared and declared dead. SCP-3591 appears in an area that is out of sight at approximately 7:25 am MT, then walks into the school from the front entrance, going to his classes according to his schedule as of the time of his disappearance. At approximately 3:10 pm MT

In 200█, students claimed to see what was a "New Student" coming to classes every day. Contact with SCP-3591 was quickly ended by SCP-3591 pulling out a flip phone of the era. Reports claim that "I would never see him outside school. Come to think of it, I've never seen him leave."