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[picture from 1960s of a young man, captioned "SCP-32XX-2 in 1961"]

[modern picture of a young man of a different ethnicity, captioned "SCP-32XX-2 during initial containment"]

Item #: SCP-32XX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Hospital documentation and peer-reviewed medical journals worldwide are to be monitored by I/O-MIRIAN for content suggesting SCP-32XX activity. Evidence of activity is to be suppressed.

Individuals or organizations suspected of practicing SCP-32XX are to be detained for questioning. Investigation is ongoing.

MTF-Sigma 12 ("Doctor Feelgoods") are tasked with recovering and processing recipients of SCP-32XX. Recipients of SCP-32XX are to reside in standard humanoid containment chambers.

Per the finding of Ethics Committee Panel 32XX/01, exploratory surgery on contained SCP-32XX recipients is to be postponed until the individual's natural death.

Description: SCP-32XX is a surgical procedure in which a human brain and consciousness are transplanted into a donor body.

Recipients of SCP-32XX retain all sensation and motor control of the donor body. The procedure leaves extensive scarring on the chest, neck, head, back, and hips. Analysis of scarring indicates that SCP-32XX is performed without the use of conventional tools. The donated nervous system is integrated with the donor body to an extent that cannot be achieved with normal medical technology.

Autopsy of SCP-32XX-1 revealed numerous implanted objects (including silver beads, pieces of ribbon, and feline bones) and rearrangement of muscle fibers, capillaries, and other internal structures into filigree designs that would typically be incompatible with life. The purpose of these alterations is unknown.

In one of two known instances, SCP-32XX has resulted in full-body rejection. Symptoms of SCP-32XX rejection include seizures, hemorrhaging from the eyes, nose, and ears, and asphyxia.

SCP-32XX-2 remains in good health. The donor body appears to be functioning and aging normally. Psychological evaluation has not indicated anomalous effects; SCP-32XX-2's depression was determined to be situational and within expected parameters for a contained humanoid.

Initial Containment: A married couple traveling under the names of Damian and Valerija Duerr (SCP-32XX-2 and SCP-32XX-1, respectively) were transported to Milan Medical Center after SCP-32XX-1 suffered a fatal rejection event at Milan-Malpensa airport (Milan, Italy).

Routine monitoring suggested anomalous activity in the electronic documentation subsequently filed by emergency room staff. Personnel from MTF-Sigma 12 were deployed to confirm the presence of anomalous activity, dispense amnestics, and alter records accordingly.

SCP-32XX-2, and the remains of SCP-32XX-1, were recovered without incident. Standard cover stories "medication overdose" and "stroke" were implemented.