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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a standard Human Containment Cell. Containment cell is to have its own HVAC system, so as to prevent a containment breach.

SCP-XXXX is to be given basic amenities such as food, water, and bedding. Object is to be given entertainment such as books, and magazines. SCP-XXX is to be allowed to interact with a C-Class personnel upon request, for two hours at a time. Said C-Class personnel is to be equipped with one (1) M40 Field Protective Mask, and multiple cubes of mercury set to detonate upon command. Object containment cell is to have mercury lining its ventilation system, which can be remotely detonated
at any point. Mercury is to be deployed in the event of a containment breach, as SCP-XXXX is unable to, or refuses to switch to a gaseous state while in the presence of vaporized mercury


SCP-XXXX appears to be a human female, appearing to be fourteen years of age. She has requested to be addressed as Tess. Object has shown no violent actions towards any Foundation personnel, and has cooperated with every test, SCP-XXXX is 1.61 meters in height, weighing around 120 pounds. SCP-XXXX has amethyst colored hair (most likely dyed before the Foundation recovered her. Item has gray eyes which change hue each time a change in form occurs. SCP-XXXX appears to be of European descent.

SCP-XXXX possesses and actively utilizes her ability to increase the spacing of atoms in her body to an impossible extent, thus causing her to change into a "gaseous" state, resembling a thick black smoke. Item has shown the ability to change the density of said gas, between that of an average middle aged man and that of helium. Object retains a shape which resembles a humanoid while in a gaseous state.

SCP-XXXX's abilities are not without consequence, as she becomes visibly exhausted and fatigued. When she awakens, there is a very noticeable increase in the subjects appetite. SCP-XXXX consumes and requires at least 60% more food and water after an extended duration in smoke form.

SCP-XXXX is fully capable of movement at will, and has demonstrated her ability to do so through testing, where SCP-XXXX was prompted to navigate through a series of ventilation systems. She has made no attempts at breaching containment, however Site [REDACTED] is to have mercury with detonators attached in every vent.

Addendum 1: Item has revealed the nature of her "abilities", as coming from horrific experiments performed by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Foundation psychiatrists have evaluated SCP-XXXX and have diagnosed her with Stockholm syndrome. X-rays taken of SCP-XXXX upon recovery by the Foundation revealed broken ribs, and almost shattered kneecaps. SCP-XXXX has no recollection of any captors faces, names or voices. The Foundation believes the captors to be [REDACTED].

Addendum 2: SCP-XXXX has stated that she favors C-9127 over all other C-Class personnel previously assigned to interact with her. She stated that "The others just want to get their job done and leave, so they're all boring. But not him, he's nice. I think he likes spending time with me." C-9127 has been scheduled to meet with SCP-XXXX on every Sunday.