Item #: SCP-3151

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3151 is to be closed behind a dome of concrete approximately 92 meters high, 366 meters long and 4 meters thick. SCP-3151's contrete cover is to be filled with a 2 meter thick layer of lead in the center of the concrete. The premise of SCP-3151 is to be watched remotely through CCTV cameras on a 24 hour basis. Any entities seen entering or leaving the area of SCP-3151 are to be terminated immediately. SCP-3151 is to be gated with electrified barbed wire fencing approximately a square mile around SCP-3151. Permission to enter the premise of SCP-3151 must be given by 2 staff with a level 4 clearance or higher. The opening of the gate to SCP-3151 is to be guarded by no less than 10 armed personnel.

Description: SCP-3151 is an abandoned elementary school located near █████████, Nevada. SCP-3151 emits extreme amounts of an unknown form of radiation, that can kill any living being with no radiation equipment in 45 seconds. All entities that go within a 45 meter radius of SCP-3151 become part of the SCP, deemed SCP-3151-1. All entities within SCP-3151 are deemed SCP-3151-2.

SCP-3151-2 are humanoid beings with misshapen bodies and no facial or other body features. All forms of SCP-3151-2 are 2.25 meters talls, and have long arms and somewhat shorter legs. SCP-3151-2 emits a smaller amount of the same radiation as SCP-3151.

Those effected by SCP-3151's radiation will lose all life signs within 45 seconds of prolonged exposure (further testing required to find the effects of quick bursts of exposure). Approximately ██ minutes after death, life signs resume and the person/animal now deemed SCP-3151-1-a will begin to change into a similar shape of SCP-3151-2. If SCP-3151-1-a is not terminated within 14 hours, they will have become a more human version of SCP-3151-2. SCP-3151-2 and SCP-3151-1-a are extremely hostile towards all forms of life. Any human or animal that SCP-3151-2 or SCP-3151-1-a kill go under the same transformation process as stated before. All plant life exposed to the radiation emitted from SCP-3151-2 and SCP-3151-1-a die instantly. If a containment breach were to occur, it could cause a XK-Class End of The World Scenario. entire ecosystems would be destroyed in days to weeks. Expected days of survival for humans after containment breach is approximately ███ days, as the radiation also spreads through air particles, similar to fallout.

In the case of a major outbreak a 5 megaton nuclear warhead is to be detonated a quarter mile below ground to cave in the surrounding area and prevent the fallout.


Data from Experiment on the effects of SCP-3151 on SCP-682:

[Data Expunged]


Note from 05-██:
We need to stop agrivating that damn lizard. Further testing on SCP-682 is to be ended until further notice.