first thing

Item #: N/A

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures :
(item name) is to be kept in a 3-lock container that is made with titanum, which is one of the most strong elements.(item) must be locked in its container all the times. only Class-D personnel and Class-C personnel are allowed to enter (item)'s container for testing and cleaning purposes. While a janitor enters the container, all the UV spotlights should be turned on to distract (item) until the janitor finishes his/her job.

(item) appears to be a humanoid person-like creature, whom is colored %80 black and the rest of it is white. White body parts are : its head, its hands and its foot.
(item) appears to be very athletic, intelligent and strong. (item) can reach 50km/h only by running, and can break a stone wall by its claws. (item) uses its claws to hunt down their prey.
when a breakout happens, all the personnel in Site-██ should be recovered as soon as possible.
the experiments show that (item) is scared of light, but if it sees light for a long time, it becomes immune to light for some time, which makes (item) very hard to contain and very dangerous.