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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of the SCP-4000 phenomena is currently unfeasible. A disinformation campaign is to be established in order to actively discredit the legitimacy of claims made by SCP-4000-1 and their supporters. Such claims are to be dismissed as works of fiction, the product of mental illness, or religious delusion. Communities and cults comprised of SCP-4000-1 (and non-anomalous associates) are to be closely monitored.

Individuals exhibiting symptoms of SCP-4000-1 Type B are to be captured and contained within Psi-resistant humanoid containment cells1.

The existence of SCP-4000-2 must be hidden from the public by any means necessary.

Description: SCP-4000 primarily manifests as a morbid psychological condition involving dreams, hallucinations, delusions, and fixations of a singular relation to the ocean and its contents. Individuals afflicted by SCP-4000 are classified as SCP-4000-1 and display significant behavioral changes, including the development of abnormal neuropathologies. Most SCP-4000-1 will eventually come to interpret their anomalous experiences as spiritual visions conveying some manner of revelation or esoteric knowledge, ultimately leading to the creation of cults and related organizations.

The most immediate distinction that separates SCP-4000 from unrelated experiences is the inexplicable commonality between episodes and reactions. Frequently reported elements include:

  • Visions of vast and colossal cities beneath the sea. The windowless structures display non-Euclidean architecture and are composed of a material described as smooth, seamless, and black, like obsidian.
  • Visions involving gardens of coral displaying indescribable colors presumably outside the human visual spectrum.
  • An uncontrollable psychological urge to immerse themselves in seawater2, often to the point of self-endangerment.
  • Hallucinations involving symbols of unknown origin or context, usually manifesting as short, rapid flashes that leave fleeting imprints upon an individual's paracentral vision. Sign sightings have been known to trigger dizziness, vertigo, post-traumatic stress, psychosis, mania and/or depression, homicidal/suicidal thoughts and behavior, and the development of new hallucinations3. Afflicted individuals have been known to kill family and friends in an effort to "save" them from an ill-defined but nevertheless impending cataclysm.
  • Reports of sensations similar to those described by sufferers of phantom pain4 and body integrity identity disorder5 but manifesting as healthy people with their bodies intact feeling as though they are missing limbs that otherwise never existed. Afflicted individuals understand that this feeling is illogical and that the human body (normally) has four limbs, but continue to experience these sensations regardless of acceptance. Individuals have described incidents of phantom pain registering up to 12 meters away from their body, as if these non-existent appendages were significantly longer than their actual limbs.

While most SCP-4000-1 are the Type A variant, acutely afflicted individuals who display extrasensory perceptions are classified as SCP-4000-1 Type B. It is of the utmost importance that suspected SCP-4000-1 Type B are secured and contained as soon as possible due to their ability to gain preternatural knowledge of the Foundation and its inner-workings. In recent years, SCP-4000-1 Type B have proven necessary to certain Foundation operations involving SCP-4000 as well as unrelated anomalies (see Mobile Task Force Epsilon-19 "Navajo Only Knows").

SCP-4000 cults are normally short lived, usually attracting a couple hundred followers before self-destructing in an act of ritual mass suicide via drowning. Since 1918 (when record keeping began), over 300,000 SCP-4000-1 and non-anomalous followers have self-terminated in this manner. It is unknown if these incidents are orchestrated by cult leadership or compelled by SCP-4000 itself.

The Foundation first became aware of SCP-4000 in October, 1918, following reports of an abandoned village containing occult paraphernalia on the isle of ████████, part of the Faroe Islands. Foundation agents discovered that the missing inhabitants were all members of the Church of Saint Jonah, a cult outwardly presenting itself as a Christian sect. Among the recovered non-anomalous artifacts was a 54 kg stone statue depicting a vaguely anthropoid entity with the exaggerated abdomen, hips, and breasts of an obese and/or pregnant human female, the head of an angler fish, the protruding spines of an echinoderm, and appendages resembling serpents or tentacles.

A journal belonging to Broddur Sigurdarson, the apparent founder and leader of the Church of Saint Jonah, was discovered within the abandoned chapel at the village's center. Several excerpts of note are included below, translated to English from their original Danish:

The 13th of September, 1904:

The Church6 has sent me to this desolate island to replace a pastor whose been deceased for decades. Faith, it seems, has little place in this village - perhaps the heathen spirit of our ancestors lingers more strongly among such isolation.

I should not complain. For the Church, in its mercy, has allowed me a chance to redeem myself. Perhaps for once the rumors and accusations of the past will not follow me.

The 5th of October, 1904:

My congregation is small and is primarily comprised of the wives and children of whalers and fishermen. To protect their husbands, they ask for the blessings of Jonah but never Our Lord and Savior. How easy it is for the veneration of saints to become idolatry.

The men are a disagreeable lot, who take to drink the moment they set foot on dry land. The drunkards view my lack of wife with suspicion and accuse me of fornicating with their wives. Or they take my marital status as evidence of me being a sodomite. These fools have no trouble hurling such contradictions. Lord, grant me patience.

The 22nd of December, 1904:

The Call is stronger here. I had begged the Church to send me somewhere inland for this very reason, like Herning or Silkeborg - anywhere but the islands.


Joseph Adler, leader of the Hermetic Order of Universal Wisdom

The SCP-4000 phenomena was first studied by English occultist Joseph Adler (1833 - 1921), leader of the Hermetic Order of Universal Wisdom - an organization devoted to the study and practice of the occult, metaphysics, and paranormal activities during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In his book The Drowned Kingdoms, or The Eternal Dreams of the Firstborn, Adler discusses his lifelong visions and "astral" exploration of the ruins of a long forgotten race which he refers to as the "Firstborn"7. Unlike other claims involving lost worlds and civilizations (a popular concept at the time), Adler's work includes extensive interviews with other so-called "Dreamers" (SCP-4000-1 Type A), lending evidence to an anomalous phenomena, and makes accurate scientific conclusions describing concepts such as plate tectonics8, evolution, memetics, and physics.

On October 29th, 1920, Adler and nine of his followers attempted mass astral projection9 in the hopes of learning more about the "Firstborn". The attempt resulted in three deaths from acute myocardial infarction (commonly known as heart attack), two from intracranial hemorrhage (non-traumatic), and four by self-termination (methods vary). Joseph Adler committed auto-enucleation10 but ultimately survived.

Operatives arrived at Broadmoor Hospital the next day, intent on taking Joseph Adler into Foundation custody. He was discovered unresponsive in his room and was declared deceased minutes later. The body was delivered to Humanoid Containment Site-744 where it would undergo autopsy. Adler's cause of death was indeterminate but was thought at the time to be the result of untreated pneumonia aggravated by recent trauma.

Among Adler's belongings was an unfinished draft of a map depicting an unknown location. It was initially believed that the partially depicted landmass was an uncharted island, as the apparent coastline failed to coincide with any known location and the etching itself offered no sense of scale. All efforts to find this island failed and the map was dismissed as irrelevant for a time.

Instances of SCP-4000-1 Type A would continue to be tracked and observed, while SCP-4000-1 Type B individuals were secured as per special containment procedures at Humanoid Containment Site-744. There would be no change in the Foundation's understanding of the SCP-4000 phenomena until 1954, when Dr. Charles Baker noticed certain patterns in the Maynard-Sidgwic Test results of SCP-4000-1B, leading him to hypothesize that SCP-4000 influenced individuals are not true Psi-positive individuals and that they are merely receiving information sent and/or displaced by an outside force. Testing this hypothesis required the creation of a new method of Psi assessment, one taking the timing of failure and success into account with the presentation of new information.

It was discovered that SCP-4000-1 Type B require a subject relatively nearby to read, suggesting that displaced information decayed the further it moved from its original source or that it was dependent on the number of sources (minds), not distance traveled (in such a case, SCP-4000-1 Type B on opposite ends of the world would be able to read each others minds clearly, after the passing of an SCP-4000 wave, as long as there were no other minds to dilute this information).

There was the difference between an interviewer of SCP-4000-1 Type B conducting their interview with preexisting knowledge of the questions/answers versus encountering these questions/answers only at the start of the interview. In the former cases, SCP-4000-1 Type B were able to ascertain any information held by the interviewer. However, in the latter, there would be a delay 1-12 seconds. With enough interviews occurring simultaneously, researchers were able to conclude that the SCP-4000 phenomena required approximately 12 seconds to reach Site-744 from its point of origin. This suggests that Dr. Baker's hypothesis was correct and that SCP-4000 is likely a frequency of unknown wavelength, significantly slower than electromagnetic radiation (if its origins are unimpeded and terrestrial) but potent enough to cause information displacement/amplification, receivable (to varying degrees) by an unknown number of individuals.

A Statement from Dr. Charles Baker:

SCP-4000, originating from X and traveling at the speed of Y, will reach Site-744 in approximately 12 seconds. I theorized that this could be solved by simply transferring SCP-4000-1 Type B to a number of sites at different parts of the world and conducting the experiment again. Hypothetically, identifying a new maximum "delay of ignorance" could help triangulate the point of origin for the SCP-4000 phenomena.

The experiment was once again conducted as described but the results revealed an unforeseen problem. The initial hypothesis was predicated on the supposition that SCP-4000 had a single point of origin but the results ultimately suggest that SCP-4000 is being transmitted from multiple points - greatly complicating our search.

However, one important detail was gleaned from this data. The delay of ignorance dramatically decreased with proximity to the ocean (inland seas and freshwater bodies displayed no such influence), with the only inland exception being noted in the Himalayas; for reasons unknown, the Atlantic Ocean resulted in a relatively longer delay (approximately 8 seconds) compared to the Pacific Ocean which had the shortest delay (approximately 2 seconds).

Suffice it to say, the source of SCP-4000 is in the sea.

Coinciding with the efforts of Dr. Baker was research into the symptomatic similarities between SCP-4000-1 individuals. A study overseen by Dr. Stefan Gärtner noticed that certain, not previously described habits often manifested among the more artistically disposed SCP-4000-1. These included depictions resembling the partially drafted map of Joseph Adler. An estimated 12,000 distinct images were compared and combined (along with Adler's original draft), creating a complete map displaying intricate cities and geographical features. Despite its incredible detail, approximately 20% of the map was empty space (primarily in the form of a large "C" shaped mass left of center) and was at first thought to be a body of water.

The map was thought to represent an extraterrestrial location but this conclusion was rescinded and changed in 1956, when the Foundation began to accept plate-tectonic theory. Researchers of the SCP-4000 phenomena came to the realization that all previous interpretations of the complete Adler map were wrong and that the image's empty space depicted the supercontinent of Pangaea, which had existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras. In turn, the detailed portion of the map intended to depict the ocean floor - complete with the unexpected, yet undeniable markings of civilization.

A Statement from Dr. Stefan Gärtner:

One by one, like pieces of a puzzle, the Adler map was created after months of tedious craft. At first, we knew not what to think - the complete image may as well have been some intangible dreamscape born of the collective subconscious of SCP-4000-1. But scientific consensus became a quick and integral ally, the conclusions of plate-tectonics solving a puzzle we would have otherwise struggled with for decades.

As part of my research on SCP-4000-1, I introduced a copy of the map into my weekly interviews and asked if they recognized it. Their reactions ranged from suffocating dread to excitement bordering on euphoria. This is the world that haunts their dreams.

But what *is* it?

The Adler map was divided into tectonic-plates and re-arranged to match the placement of continents in the present era. Using the data from Dr. Baker's delay of ignorance experiments, the Foundation was able to estimate the most likely locations for SCP-4000 transmitters. These transmitters have been classified as SCP-4000-2.

Based on these discoveries, it was concluded that the Firstborn were a non-human, primarily aquatic civilization dating back to at least the late Paleozoic Era 250-300 million years ago. It is believed that the species responsible for SCP-4000 survived the Permian-Triassic extinction event16 and flourished until the Cretaceous–Paleogene (K–Pg) extinction event approximately 66 million years ago. Based on archaeological findings, the Firstborn existed for at least 200 million years and had a near incomprehensible understanding of science and technology.

Due to the global range of the Firstborn, it is believed that only a small percentage of related structures and artifacts have been discovered. Creations linked to this extinct civilization show evidence of anomalous craftsmanship, their construction seemingly impossible by the standards of modern human technology. Despite the near indestructibility of their structures, it is feared that most of their ruins are permanently lost due to the Wilson cycle17.

WARNING: O5 Approval Required

The file you are attempting to access is only available to Special Clearance SCP-4000 and Project: Awakened Dreamer personnel. This clearance does not include standard Level 4 security protocol. Attempting access beyond this point without the required clearance is grounds for termination.