Item #: Fizzlefrost's Proposal

Object Class: Thaumiel?

Special Containment Procedures: Area around the house of SCP-YYY to act as a Site-01. All essential information of Foundation to be stored in digital, physical and ██████ states with multiple SCP-500 at all times to prevent data loss during reality shifts. Current administrator and at least one more O5 council member to present at all times inside Site-01. SCP-YYY to be placed under constant medical surveillance. In case of SCP-YYY being infected by any diseases, SCP-YYY to administered SCP-500.

Description: SCP-YYY is an anthropomorphous organism, which takes an appearance of a person closest to the administrator of the current reality. In this iteration of reality, SCP-YYY takes a form of a 15 years old girl, a daughter of the administrator. Origins of SCP-YYY are unknown due to lack of the information recovered from previous timelines.