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ERROR: Tow conflicting versions of SCP-1922 exist in the Foundation database. It is unknown which version is correct; displaying both.


Photograph of the filth which is a manifestation of SCP-1922-J-EX.

item #: SCP-1922-J-EX

Object Class: Swine

Specific Comrade Parameters: SCP-1922-J-EX is to be destroyed as soon as possible. Due to the infectious and persisting nature of SCP-1922-J-EX, extensive counter memetics and hostile political takeover are necciccary in freeing civilians from the effects of SCP-1922-J-EX.

Politicians and countries have been installed with a counter memetic deemed "safe enough" by Foundation officials.

Description: SCP-1922-J-EX is a highly infectious meme. SCP-1922-J-EX has currently infected every major European and American country and the citizens therein.


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An illustration of an individual afflicted with SCP-3213

Item #: SCP-3213

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A surveilling computer program developed by Foundation resources, designated 'Oracle', is currently seeded in 60% of functioning websites connected by the internet. Oracle's function is to detect and replace information regarding infohazardous anomalies. As of 10/10/2005, Oracle has been configured to include screening for information regarding SCP-3213.

MFT-θ-99 "Pick-up Styx", a task force specializing in infohazardous anomalies, is to locate and destroy printed materials related to SCP-3213.

Individuals who perpetuate SCP-3213-A are to be administered Class-C amnestics and detained until the subsiding of SCP-3213. Individuals under the effect of the anti-memetic agent VCMP-θ-πράσινος exposed to information composing SCP-3213 are unable to manifest SCP-3213.

Personnel must be injected with a single dose of VCMP-θ-πράσινος no more than 20 minuets before accessing the following documentation regarding SCP-3213.

Description: SCP-3213 is the state of believing the following philosophical statements:

  • That which must exist is more important to understand than that which is contingent.
  • That which is contingent is merely the subject of personal belief.
  • What is important is not being told definite knowledge; what is important are methods of inquiry leading to true knowledge.
  • True, unbiased, and relentless inquiry will bring truth, which is the real object of thought and understanding.
  • Excepting and rejecting claims of true knowledge is vital to understanding nature.
  • All truth is truth because it is testable by reason or thought. Similarly, all truth holds up to extensive examination.
  • Rational thought must always be maintained in the face of the relentless seductions of visceral emotions and sensations.
  • One can think correctly or incorrectly; correct thinking is that which follows logic and intelligent thought to the truth of reality.

Regardless of any previously held ideologies, individuals who comprehend the aforementioned phrases perceive them to be true. SCP-3213 is commutable by most written and spoken languages, excluding languages which are incapable of communicating abstract thought. Individuals unfamiliar with the language SCP-3213 has been communicated in, incapable of complex abstract thought due to mental impairment, or "skimming" each phase without intent to comprehend cannot establish belief in SCP-3213.

Once SCP-3213 has been established, the inflicted individual undergoes a general change in cerebral activity, including hyper-acuteness of sensory organs, increased neuroplasticity, greater memory retention, and increased sensitivity to natural swarm intelligence. Individuals then become preoccupied with partaking in reflective thought, and will develop an obsession with a personal "hypothesis" contrived using SCP-3213. Each hypothesis is designated as an occurrence of SCP-3213-A.

The topics of SCP-3213-A usually relate to the nature of humanity or existence. The content of any SCP-3213-A is not limited to information previously accessible by afflicted individuals. Out of the 75 documented SCP-3213-A, 20 have related to classified scientific or strategical principals devised by governing bodies, including the CIA, MVD, UIU and ███. In each of these cases, the creator of each SCP-3213-A had no access to the sensitive material correlating with their hypothesis. Whenever questioned, each creator claimed SCP-3213 led them to their hypothesis.

Once a believer of SCP-3213 develops SCP-3213-A, they will seek out other believers to engage in debate. Such debate results in other believers adopting the SCP-3213-A they deem to be superior. Once several believers have chosen a shared SCP-3213-A, they will form a social group dedicated to its study. Groups dedicated to SCP-3213-A are designated SCP-3213-B.Instances of SCP-3213-B will attempt to gain positions of social respect, which have included political offices, lecturing positions in universities, and hosting talk shows on television and the internet. Each SCP-3213-B will attempt to spread SCP-3213 to the noninflected. Instances of SCP-3213-B prefer non anomalous individuals to come to SCP-3213 of their own accord.

Addendum-3213-A: After detection of SCP-3213-B-43, MTF-θ-99 located the assembled contributing members of SCP-3213-B-43 and detained each member. At the scene of detainment, former MTF-θ-99 head Agent Chris Bluthe commenced an interview with the leader of SCP-3213-B-43.

Date: April █, 200█

Interviewee: SCP-3213-B-43 leader ████ █████.

Interviewer: Agent Chris Bluthe

Notes: SCP-3213-B-43 was located in the lecture hall of ████████ University, TN. ████ █████ was taken into a side room for an interview.


Agent Chris Bluthe: Please identify yourself and your relationship to this school.

████ █████: For the record? Fine, I'm ████ █████. I'm a professor, I have 8 years form Harvard.

Agent Chris Bluthe:

████ █████:

Agent Chris Bluthe:

████ █████:

Agent Chris Bluthe:

████ █████:

Agent Chris Bluthe:

████ █████:


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SCP-XXXX, prior to containment.



Item #: SCP-3213

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3213 is located off the coast of a confirmed nesting site of Pelecanus Erythrorhynchos (the American white pelican). A 3 km radius of land around SCP-3213 has been secured as a private wildlife sanctuary for Pelecanus Erythrorhynchos and other threatened species native to the area.

At least 6 field agents are to be patrol the fence 2.5 km from SCP-3213. Any unauthorized parties 2.5 km or closer to SCP-3213 will be administered Class-B amnestics and redirected inland.

No items anachronistic with an early nineteenth-century rural setting are allowed within SCP-3213-1. Any devices required for testing which were invented after the mid nineteenth-century1 are to be concealed in period-appropriate clothing and kept out of the view of SCP-3213-2 while being used.

Description: SCP-3213 is a ██ m2 island, located 44 m north of Cape Breton island, Nova Scotia. A wooden bridge connects SCP-3213 to the mainland. All components and effects of SCP-3213 are restricted within its perimeters; anomalous activity ceases at the threshold of the island.

SCP-3213-1 is a two-story timber house constructed in the late eighteenth century. The sub-level of SCP-3213-1 contains a ground well which feeds directly into the ocean, and each window of SCP-3213-1 is a single, inoperable glass pane. Through observation, SCP-3213's inside spaces have been found to be smaller than the outside of the building, at ratios between 9:10 to 6:10, with each room's specific measurements varying throughout a day.

Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained in a standard safe-item containment locker. When not being stored or tested, SCP-XXXX should never be held directly. Other storage objects, such as a tray or bag, are used to transfer SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a stainless steel collapsible multi-tool manufactured by ████████.

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SCP-XXXX-A-1, along access road A. Photo taken from SCP-XXXX-EL-1.


SCP-XXXX-A-2, along access road B. Photo taken from SCP-XXXX-EL-3.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is located █████°N, █████°S within the jurisdiction of The Sakha Republic. To date, coordinated redirection with support from Russian authorities has proven sufficient in preventing civilian discovery of SCP-XXXX. If a civilian discovers SCP-XXXX, they are to be detained by on-site staff, administered a Class-B Amnestic, and released. Thermal cameras mounted around SCP-XXXX's perimeter provide constant monitoring of activity within. Any atypical activity within SCP-XXXX will be investigated by tactical team XXXX-RC.

Observatory Area-292 is located at █████°N, █████°S, 1 km south of SCP-XXXX. The facility is self-sufficient, with adequate resource stocks to sustain Area-292 for 16 months. Between testing phases, Area-292 is to be staffed with at least 2 researchers. When practical research during testing phases should be conducted remotely, through coordination with no more than 5 researchers on-site. Fourteen (14) tactical team XXXX-RC personnel are to be rotated from Area-292 every June 1, and each member must be experienced in re-containment and have experience in resisting cold, isolation and emotional trauma (For further protocol, see attached documentation XXXX-RC Detailing).

Any persons or objects which enter SCP-XXXX-A-1 or SCP-XXX-A-2 outside testing phases will be considered "lost”, and recovery should not be attempted. Any entity or object seen exiting SCP-XXXX outside testing phases is to be isolated and destroyed by appropriate means by tactical team XXXX-RC. If any suspected occurrences of SCP-XXXX-C, SCP-XXXX-D or SCP-XXXX-E are registered by on-site cameras, SCP-XXXX and a circular perimeter 0.5 km around it is to be evacuated and the Randrolii-B Protocol is to be enacted.

Description: Constructed in 1932, SCP-XXXX is a compound containing two concrete office complexes, one built on the north edge of the compound and designated SCP-XXXX-A-1, and one built on the eastern edge of the compound and labled SCP-XXXX-A-2. SCP-XXXX's perimeter is marked by a chain link fence, the compound is bisected by two roads with a 6m patch of forested land between them. One road, designated road A, is unpaved and passes by SCP-XXXX-A-1. The other road, designated road B, passes by SCP-XXX-A-2. Every structure within SCP-XXXX is susceptible to bo